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Sunsets That Made Me Sway

Sunset brings with itself melting emotions of bygone days;

Golden days that make you sway to an unheard tune;

Tunes those were once the songs we hummed;

With our fingers intertwined only to watch it give way to night;

Those sunsets were different than the sunsets of today;

Sunset was an emotion then, it is just another evening today;

Each sunset was then captured in the eyes and saved in our souls;

Today I capture it with my camera to praise it as nature’s galore;

Sunset is an emotion, I remind myself again;

Lost in its beauty, I go down the memory lane.

Surajkund sans Mela


Surajkund Reservoir

Usually when your travel plans don’t work and you have no good reason to stay back at home, the best idea is to go exploring your city. I did the same this weekend when my plans turned out to be sour and the place I chose was Surajkund in Faridabad, Haryana–an ancient reservoir of the 10th Century as it is known to be.

Surajkund is known for its traditional crafts Mela, held every year.  The fair attracts people from across the world and is popular for handicrafts. You get to see a blend of various regions across India with the displayed artifacts, people draped in traditional clothes, traditional dances and songs that keep you mesmerized and a whole lot of fun.

The place is fun to be at this peak time. However, I decided to visit it now, i.e. in August, when I wasn’t really sure how the place would look like without the crowd, colorful shops and painted faces charming you in their unique way.

Surajkund at its Best

On arriving the place I realized that I never noticed the beauty and tranquility of this place. The place was so sumptuously crowded at the time of its famous handicrafts mela that you’d tend to miss on the intrinsic beauty and detailing of the place.

The Surajkund Village Entrance

Danteshwari Devi Gate, Madhya Pradesh, 1992

On reaching the destination I realized there were two entrances to it. One on the right hand side and the other on the left hand side. Without realizing the difference, I chose the right entrance over the counterpart and this turned out to be the Surajkund Village. The main gate with unique artwork from Madhya Pradesh since 1992 is named Danteshwari Devi Gate. These were some eclectic pieces welcoming you at the entrance and leaving you in awe to explore further. There’s a huge main gate in the form of a lion that would endure you to take you in.

Vishnupur Gate

Vishnupur Gate, West Bengal, 1990

A little beyond these oeuvres was another huge gate named as Vishnupur Gate dedicated to West Bengal since 1990. This particularly has fine carvings representing traditional dance forms and structures. Beautiful in red, the entrance welcomes you in full grace.

The Enchanting Beauty

Surajkund Village - - blog

Captivating Beauty of Surajkund Village

The captivating beauty of this place is worth seeing. And, this cannot be done at the time of Crafts Mela. The lush green trees, hatched huts giving the amazing sense of a village that holds beauty of its own. The craftsmanship encapsulating the uniqueness of different states, be it Badrinath Temple of Uttarakhand, colorful house from Goa, Replica of Shah Hamdan Dargah (J&K Gate, 2000), Gujarat Gali (Gujarat 1997) and more. The place is well kept and have farmers and villagers taking care of it.



The Smiling Faces

The villagers welcome you with a warm smile if you get a chance to speak with them. Their sweet and welcoming conversation would make you feel like spending more time and being around.


Villagers at Surajkund Village


Monkey’s Paradise

The place is absolutely a paradise for monkeys. You’ll see plenty of them in every nook and corner. They look healthy, happy and completely in love with the place. Jumping here and there carelessly from one tree to the other, I was bewildered to see how none of them were creating chaos or disturbing the visitors. They were happily engrossed in their various activities and one of them was actively swinging to and fro, holding a straw from the roof of a hatched hut. It was a delightful view indeed and I tried to capture it somehow.


Marching together


At a swing of straw




After spending some good time in the village, I decided to move to the next entrance that was on the left of the parking area. Now, this was actually the Surajkund reservoir. I was quite excited to see this as I’d never seen or much heard about it before.

Entry Ticket

The entry ticket of Rs. 10/- is applicable only for this part of Surajkund i.e. Surajkund reservoir and not for the village entry. In fact, there were no additional parking charges.

Surajkund Reservoir


On entering the main gate of the reservoir you will have an impression that it’s just a well kept park that you are going to visit. However, after a few steps up the slope you’ll see a marvelous sight of the steps around the huge circumference made of rocks. The steps are interestingly laid down that adds beauty to the entire site. You can step down, walk along the circumference or even run on some of these steps as they give you ample space and are broad enough. The view is completely breathtaking, especially at the first sight as it comes as a surprise to you. You can also sit on the stairs and spend some wee hours with your friends and family. Truly an amalgamation of beauty and serenity.

All in all, it’s been a great experience. If you’ve to experience the quintessential  charm of this place, you must visit it on any day but on the days of Surajkund Mela. Surajkund Mela has a fascination of its own that’s undeniable. But, the true beauty lies in the first time experiences of the things that are untouched and unexplored. So, plan your visit soon over a weekend and would like to hear your views as well. Hope you have a great weekend. To find more images of Surajkund visit:





Adventure - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Play It Safe

Adventure - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

It was a daunting evening and a bumpy ride on a silent road of a far-off island. That unforgettable experience still gives me Goosebumps. My husband and I had planned a trip to one of the most popular islands in a foreign land. Since, we were not familiar with the place, we decided to buy a guide book from a local shop, nearby our resort. With excitement at its peak, we planned to spend some good buck and take a car on rent for one day and a bike for another. Smartly, we circled down on the map some interesting spots to visit the consecutive days. I would merely talk about the first day when we took a car on rent as we had good amount of fun in exploring a new place all by ourselves. But, the second day when we somewhat over-confidently, after a day’s successful adventure and exploration, took a bike on rent—oh! How can I forget?

So, it all started the second day of our expedition. Close to the resort was a local market where we saw some shops giving away bikes on rent. Being on an island, we were flown in emotion and thought to have some added adventure. We immediately took out the local currency and took few seconds in ensuring that we offer the vendor correctly. The vendor did some paperwork and asked us to choose a bike. I still can feel the adrenaline rush that I was going through to ride a bike in a new country, moreover island to be precise. I chose blue; bright and stood apart from the rest. The vendor again did some usual bunch of formalities as a religious act and handed over the keys and funny looking white colored helmets.

We were all set and thrilled for our ride and decided to cover all the leftover spots–spots, which could not be covered the first day. And, there we go to a crocodile park, some ancient wells, beaches, and local markets trying variety of food and art pieces. We got so involved in the uniqueness of the culture that we forgot to keep a tab on time. However, my smart husband realized well on time, right before the sunset that we must be heading back to the resort and enjoy the places in the vicinity. To which I agreed, like an obedient wife, of course.

On our way back, my husband took the charge of riding me back safe and sound (as he’s not too confident about my driving skills, I must mention though that I own excellent ones. No, seriously!). Back to the point; while he was riding the bike with complete focus on the unfamiliar routes and signboards, I was thoroughly enjoying views sitting behind him, trying to capture almost every useless thing in my camera. Suddenly, he asked me if we have to take a left turn or go straight (One thing he agrees is that I’m better at remembering the routes). This time I wasn’t too sure, mutually we decided to take the left turn. A decent busy road gave us some relief.

The fuel needle was dropping and we had it in mind to refuel the bike at the first petrol station. After covering some four kilometers we realized that this road seemed endless. We looked around and couldn’t find anyone else within the proximity. The sun was bidding adieu, the fuel needle was drooping down and now even at a faster speed. Both the sides of the street were thick forests. We were badly stuck. If we go back our little blue bike would certainly ditch us, if we move ahead, we were not sure whether this road would ever end and where to.

Finally, it was pitch dark after fifteen minutes. The road was getting narrower. We could not bet on the existence of human species as there were none. Both of us acted to be bold and brave enough. We started convincing each other, “This road will lead somewhere, definitely.” After covering few more miles, again my smart husband stopped; took a u-turn and said firmly, “OK, we are not going farther”. To which I agreed, again like an obedient wife. But, this time I certainly did not have a choice.

Somewhere, my inner self was praying to God for our safety. Still, we kept each other distracted till the time we saw a beam of light at some distance. There was such a sigh of relief, I can’t express in words. Finally, we could see some human like species and machines on wheels. And, we behaved as everything was normal and none of us were scared–I knew I was.

The next day, my husband admitted that it was a spine-chilling experience for him, even more because I was with him. After all, men will be men.

The next day, early morning we went back to the same road exploring where we could have landed if we had taken that road. And, we found a huge shipyard with gigantic ships. It was a beautiful sight of course and a wonderful lesson for the adventure freak couple.

Till date, I appreciate the decision we took that day of taking a u-turn. However, life doesn’t always offer a u-turn.

Hence, it’s important that you:

  • Plan your trip well in advance
  • Inquire about the place before you actually land
  • Chalk down the key places or tourist spots
  • Stay at places which are crowded
  • Ask for a local guide
  • Do not go exploring outskirts
  • Always keep your fuel tank full in case you take a vehicle on rent
  • Keep some important numbers in case of emergency like hotel, vendor, guide, local friend
  • Always keep a torch handy
  • Avoid carrying expensive items and too much of cash
  • Avoid wearing too much of jewelry
  • Do not experiment and explore beyond limits
  • Be adventurous in doing things that you are confident about

Safety comes first. So, next time when you plan a trip to such a happening place, remember these little things. Stay adventurous, stay safe and keep travelling.

Ugrasen ki Baoli History - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Agrasen ki Baoli: Place in Delhi Belly

Do you wish to explore something magnanimous, yet hidden; serene, yet unexplored by many? Enjoy the tranquility of this place, giving away some time from the maddening city crowd.  

Ugrasen ki Baoli History - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Photo Credit – Anupriya Mishra

One fine  day on a weekend, when the scorching sun bid adieu for a while and Delhi got some relief from the soaring high temperature, I picked up my camera and the car keys, with a hope to explore a few not so popular but spectacular places. I don’t even remember how many times I have visited India Gate, Connaught Place and the places nearby. Plenty of times that I’ve lost the count.

Surprisingly, I learned about this place called Agrasen ki Baoli (also known as Ugrasen ki Baoli) just within the proximity of Connaught Place, of which I wasn’t aware of. With my GPS on, it wasn’t that difficult to locate the spot. When I took the left turn from the main road towards Hailey Road, which ended in a narrow lane; towards the right, I found this silent monument. Ugrasen ki Baoli is one of the protected monuments by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Ugrasen ki Baoli History - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Photo Credit – Anupriya Mishra

As soon as I parked my car and got down, I forgot chasing the history of the monument. The silence somehow seemed welcoming me with both its arms wide open. A huge banyan tree on the left of the entrance was artistic in its own way with entwined branches and hanging roots, which looked marvelous especially under the bright sky.

Ugrasen ki Baoli History - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Photo Credit – Anupriya Mishra

Without wasting a moment to this exciting place, even more exciting because it’s hardly known by masses unlike all the popular ones, which are over populated. After few steps away from the main gate were some ascending stairs. Besides the stair case, I could see an engraved stone, enough for my notes on the history of Baoli.

Are you wondering what this Baoli is? Well, this Baoli is a historical steps well, 60 meter long and 15 meter wide, since the times of Maharaja Ugrasen.  It is believed that the Baoli was built during the great Mahabharat epic era and is one of its kinds in Delhi.

Ugrasen ki Baoli History - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Photo Credit – Ashish

With some background of the place in mind, I moved up the stairs and saw huge steps on the right, beautifully descending into a gorge like area. At the time of my visit, there was no water probably because of the peak summer time, but it is believed that some parts of the well, about 103 steps, are permanently immersed in water. The steps are uniquely divided into three levels and each level is lined with domed forte on both sides. The gurgling of pigeons and fluttering bats add to the ancient appeal to this magnificent structure. On both sides of the steps well are the narrow stairs connecting second and the third level for the complete view.

Ugrasen ki Baoli History - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Photo Credit – Anupriya Mishra

As you move down the stairs, the strange silence engulfs you parting you from the skyline and view of the gigantic city buildings. A clear demarcation of contemporary with traditional is noticeable in a splendid manner. The beauty of silence takes you to the glory of ancient times and you are forced to spend some time sitting on one of those steps, thinking about the charm of historical period.

The serenity of this place is remarkable. It’s good to see that the place is not losing its charm even midst the skyscrapers and is drawing the attention of more and more people, including the tourists and officials. The place is kept clean and maintained well.

Quick Facts

Where: Hailey Road, near KG Marg, Connaught Place

VisitingTime: 9 AM – 5 PM

Nearest Metro Station: Barakhamba

Entry Fees: No ticket / Free entry

Nearest Spot: Don’t miss a walk to the Jantar Mantar just a few kilometers away


Badrinath Yatra: Feel the Majestic Divinity


In the heart of Uttarakhand, Chamoli District lie an ensemble of Jains and Hindus, popularly known as Badrinath. For all those who are religious, it is one of the essential sites of India’s Char Dham pilgrimage while for the rest; it is a complete package of picturesque views and a hill town. This holy town speaks so much about the unity of Jains and Hindus with its famous Badrinath temple being one of the examples. The beauty of the Garhwal hills on the banks of Alaknanda River is beyond comparison. Moreover, the panoramic view of the river from the hill top is simply breath-taking. Badrinath Temple however being the main attraction of town pulls hundreds and thousands of tourists every month. During the Badrinath yatra what’s noticeable is the surmounting beauty of the mountains. No wonder why these mountains are mentioned in the Indian epic Mahabharata as ‘Swargarohini’ or Ascent to heaven. The entire layout is a heavenly abode and a must visit place for all the travel freaks.

To complement the beauty and serenity of the place and add on to the memorable experience are the key hotels in town that provide you the comfort and best services.

Hotels at Badrinath range from supreme luxurious ones to those not heavy on your pockets. Sarovar Portico Badrinath is located at a good location and provides all the modern amenities with timely services. Then there’s Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Hotel, Auli, which is a great value for money with good food, maintained hygiene and ultimate room service. Hotel Narayan Palace and GMVN Tourist Bungalow are other such popular lodges where tourists prefer to stay.

Tourist places in Badrinath

Badrinath has an intriguing Temple Complex that pulls the major bunch of tourists from all geographies.

This complex of temples and shrines is placed at the serene Alaknanda River. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Badrinath Temple is a majestic piece of wonder in itself. Neelkanth is another popular and a must visit attraction. It’s a peak bordering the Nar-Narayan mountain ranges. This mountain peak highlights the splendorous charm of the holy town, Badrinath. You will also find Tapt Kund, a natural spring possessing therapeutic characteristics. Pilgrims relieve them of their sinful thoughts by taking a dip to the waters of this spring as per an age-old belief. Narad Kund is a pond of hot water sheltered by a rock. The scenic beauty in and around Badrinath brings so much of solace and tranquility that you would want to visit again and again. To name a few places like Charanpaduka—an enchanting rock engraved with the footprints of Lord Vishnu, Vasundhara Falls—encircled by lofty mountain peaks and giving way to gushing waters is a memorable sight, Brahma Kapal and Sheshnetra.

For all the adventure enthusiasts, Badrinath is also known for trekking and is a perfect place to experience the thrill of climbing mountains and peaks.

Plan your stay by availing Badrinath tour package; a perfect way to club activities in an organized way to utilize time to the fullest. You can take the help of various trip planners. The journey should ideally be for 5Nights/6 Days starting from Delhi via Haridwar. You can also hire a taxi for Badrinath yatra of your choice ranging from Indica, Indigo to a Tempo Traveller, depending on your requirement. There are plenty of taxi services these days. It’s best to avail the best priced Taxi so that you can be relieved of the stress and enjoy the journey to a splendid spot to the fullest.