Longing For You

Haven’t I waited enough
Watching the ebb and flow
Understanding the pattern of time
Convincingly moving slow

Haven’t I longed enough
To get embraced
And, feel the magic
With each passing day

Haven’t I admired every bit
From the start till the end
From shore to horizon
Smiling endlessly to pretend

Take me with you now
To where I belong
Blend me in your blue
I’ve waited for long!! 🌊

Rock Beach, Pondicherry


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Sunsets That Made Me Sway

Sunset brings with itself melting emotions of bygone days;

Golden days that make you sway to an unheard tune;

Tunes those were once the songs we hummed;

With our fingers intertwined only to watch it give way to night;

Those sunsets were different than the sunsets of today;

Sunset was an emotion then, it is just another evening today;

Each sunset was then captured in the eyes and saved in our souls;

Today I capture it with my camera to praise it as nature’s galore;

Sunset is an emotion, I remind myself again;

Lost in its beauty, I go down the memory lane.