Top 3 Restaurants Celebrating Your Birthday This Independence Day


A birthday is an occasion to celebrate no matter what your age. But, it becomes all the more special when you share it on the same day as Independence Day. Celebrate your birthday in a special way. Read on to know how…

It’s interesting to see how graciously we welcome and celebrate all festivals right from the traditional ones like Holi, Diwali, Easter, Eid or the ones those are universally celebrated like the much awaited Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and more. However, when it comes to celebrating the spirit of freedom, the zeal and enthusiasm are beyond comparison. There’s a sense of pride added with a flavor of patriotism that’s noticeable due to the prominence of tricolor, patriotic songs that ring in your ears if you switch on the radio or television.

But, there’s another noticeable thing this Independence Day. There are countless offers exclusively for those born on the 15th Day of August. I was baffled to see the way Restaurants have organized special offers and deals for people who share their birthdays on the same day. So, if you are born on this special day and you are a foodie then it’s an added benefit for you.

It can’t get better if a portion of your bill is on the restaurant. Here are the top 3 restaurant’s running an exclusive offer for the patrons who are born on August 15. The restaurants also boast of offering chef’s specialty Independence Day dessert to all the diners absolutely free.

Do not wait to grab this golden opportunity and satiate your taste buds with the best in class food, served in the finest ambience. I’ll help you to locate some of them in my own city Delhi/NCR.

  1. 56 Ristorante Italiano 




Address: Ground Floor, Vatika Atrium, Golf Course Road, Sector 53, Gurgaon, 122002


  1. Coriander Leaf





Address:  Ground Floor, Vatika Triangle Building, Block A, Sushant Lok Phase 1, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon, 122002


  1. Jing




Address:   Vatika Towers, Ground Floor, Golf Course Road, Sector 54, Gurgaon, 122002

Hope you have a great celebration of the two most special events. So, how many of you share your birthday on this special day. Leave your comments and I would love to get in touch with you.




Ugrasen ki Baoli History - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Agrasen ki Baoli: Place in Delhi Belly

Do you wish to explore something magnanimous, yet hidden; serene, yet unexplored by many? Enjoy the tranquility of this place, giving away some time from the maddening city crowd.  

Ugrasen ki Baoli History - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Photo Credit – Anupriya Mishra

One fine  day on a weekend, when the scorching sun bid adieu for a while and Delhi got some relief from the soaring high temperature, I picked up my camera and the car keys, with a hope to explore a few not so popular but spectacular places. I don’t even remember how many times I have visited India Gate, Connaught Place and the places nearby. Plenty of times that I’ve lost the count.

Surprisingly, I learned about this place called Agrasen ki Baoli (also known as Ugrasen ki Baoli) just within the proximity of Connaught Place, of which I wasn’t aware of. With my GPS on, it wasn’t that difficult to locate the spot. When I took the left turn from the main road towards Hailey Road, which ended in a narrow lane; towards the right, I found this silent monument. Ugrasen ki Baoli is one of the protected monuments by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Ugrasen ki Baoli History - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Photo Credit – Anupriya Mishra

As soon as I parked my car and got down, I forgot chasing the history of the monument. The silence somehow seemed welcoming me with both its arms wide open. A huge banyan tree on the left of the entrance was artistic in its own way with entwined branches and hanging roots, which looked marvelous especially under the bright sky.

Ugrasen ki Baoli History - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Photo Credit – Anupriya Mishra

Without wasting a moment to this exciting place, even more exciting because it’s hardly known by masses unlike all the popular ones, which are over populated. After few steps away from the main gate were some ascending stairs. Besides the stair case, I could see an engraved stone, enough for my notes on the history of Baoli.

Are you wondering what this Baoli is? Well, this Baoli is a historical steps well, 60 meter long and 15 meter wide, since the times of Maharaja Ugrasen.  It is believed that the Baoli was built during the great Mahabharat epic era and is one of its kinds in Delhi.

Ugrasen ki Baoli History - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Photo Credit – Ashish

With some background of the place in mind, I moved up the stairs and saw huge steps on the right, beautifully descending into a gorge like area. At the time of my visit, there was no water probably because of the peak summer time, but it is believed that some parts of the well, about 103 steps, are permanently immersed in water. The steps are uniquely divided into three levels and each level is lined with domed forte on both sides. The gurgling of pigeons and fluttering bats add to the ancient appeal to this magnificent structure. On both sides of the steps well are the narrow stairs connecting second and the third level for the complete view.

Ugrasen ki Baoli History - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Photo Credit – Anupriya Mishra

As you move down the stairs, the strange silence engulfs you parting you from the skyline and view of the gigantic city buildings. A clear demarcation of contemporary with traditional is noticeable in a splendid manner. The beauty of silence takes you to the glory of ancient times and you are forced to spend some time sitting on one of those steps, thinking about the charm of historical period.

The serenity of this place is remarkable. It’s good to see that the place is not losing its charm even midst the skyscrapers and is drawing the attention of more and more people, including the tourists and officials. The place is kept clean and maintained well.

Quick Facts

Where: Hailey Road, near KG Marg, Connaught Place

VisitingTime: 9 AM – 5 PM

Nearest Metro Station: Barakhamba

Entry Fees: No ticket / Free entry

Nearest Spot: Don’t miss a walk to the Jantar Mantar just a few kilometers away