Dear New Year

Photo by Lisa from Pexels

Dear New Year,

I am ready✨

To embrace you with enthusiasm,
To celebrate you with fervour,
To hope for the best,
To strive harder,
To anticipate great results,
To accept failure with a smile,
To persevere even more,
To meet new people,
To let go of some old.

I am ready✨

To accept whatever you bring on,
Continue testing my grit.
To build more castles,
And, see the wind blow.
To enjoy the joyride,
Jerkier and not any smoother.
To be with you 365 days,
Thankful for whatever you do.

I am ready✨

To follow your commands,
Like an ally.
Be faithful,
Pray you never say goodbye.
My gratitude to you,
For being by my side.
Giving me an opportunity,
To see yet another sunrise.

I am ready✨

Not because something is changed,
But, it’s just another year,
And you have been kind, Not to keep me refrained.

~ With love and gratitude from Appy Tales ♥️

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