Dear New Year

Photo by Lisa from Pexels

Dear New Year,

I am ready✨

To embrace you with enthusiasm,
To celebrate you with fervour,
To hope for the best,
To strive harder,
To anticipate great results,
To accept failure with a smile,
To persevere even more,
To meet new people,
To let go of some old.

I am ready✨

To accept whatever you bring on,
Continue testing my grit.
To build more castles,
And, see the wind blow.
To enjoy the joyride,
Jerkier and not any smoother.
To be with you 365 days,
Thankful for whatever you do.

I am ready✨

To follow your commands,
Like an ally.
Be faithful,
Pray you never say goodbye.
My gratitude to you,
For being by my side.
Giving me an opportunity,
To see yet another sunrise.

I am ready✨

Not because something is changed,
But, it’s just another year,
And you have been kind, Not to keep me refrained.

~ With love and gratitude from Appy Tales ♥️

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What does it take to be a woman of mettle?

On International Women’s Day 2021

Being a woman is certainly not in our hands. Of course, the chromosomes play a major role here. However, being a woman of the mettle is an option, so many of us strive hard to attain.

Being a gender-neutral person, I believe in celebrating humanity than a particular gender. Perhaps, also because I, fortunately, haven’t seen a world where women are seen to be dominated. Yet, I’m not unaware of the sacrifices, compromises, pain, physical differences and emotional sensitivity she undergoes in so many ways. This is what makes the journey of a woman remarkable. And, irrespective of what each of us does, we are all beautiful in our ways. Nothing can deprive us of being what we are. All it takes is putting that extra effort into the inherent strength that brings out the “woman of mettle’ we all are.

I have always believed in paving my path, and sooner or later convinced those who matter, to support me in my decision. Whatever you do and wherever you are, if you give your heart and soul to what you want to achieve you will outshine. If you haven’t been able to find that woman in you, the time is now. Because anyone can be a woman, it takes courage to be a woman of spirit, fortitude and substance. What would you prefer to be known as?

Why I Stopped Bursting Crackers?

Noise Free Diwali-Blog-Anupriya Mishra

Image Courtesy: 1234Diwali.com

I do not remember when did I last buy crackers. It was when I was in standard 5th or 6th. With this calculation, it is probably some 18 to 19 years back. Unlike others in the neighborhood, my brother and I enjoyed lighting Diyas and Candles after the pooja. My brother is two years elder to me and of course the wiser one. He was obviously the first one who deliberately gave up on crackers.

We used to buy crackers from a popular place in Lucknow called Yahiya Ganj. This place was and still is popular, especially for high quality crackers. Once my brother came back home and told me how children of almost our age and even younger are assisting the vendors of these shops. Some of these children had burnt their palms. On being asked they told that they also assist in packing of crackers and that’s when they burn their hands due to excessive contact with explosives. My brother was touched with their story and the sight. When he told me I was equally upset and understood the reason of a few number of crackers, where we used to get bags full. The question that arose in our minds was, “Are we going to enjoy at the cost of the life of these innocents? Do they even get to enjoy one fourth of what we do, despite all the labor they put in?”

That was the year when we decided to give up on crackers.

No media to propagate, no PM to encourage cracker free Diwali back then, but it was a deliberate choice and I am glad I could follow it till date. Today, when I see a lot of debate going on whether one should or one shouldn’t buy crackers, I wish I could share my thoughts too.

Some people debate in its favor affirming that it gives employment to a number of people as it’s a huge industry and trade. But, they do not realize the cost at which it does. We spend thousands on crackers every Diwali only to spread harmless gases and noise in the atmosphere for our momentary pleasure. But, Diwali isn’t about that?

Every year there are accidents that lead to damage and destruction due to unexpected explosions. These massacres are human made unlike the natural disasters that are not under our control. Let’s control what we can!

Diwali is about spreading light, joy and love. It’s about getting together and praying for prosperity and well being of your family and loved ones. Festivals are meant for this purpose. It gives us a reason to celebrate the togetherness and warmth of our family without harming anyone or anything. We cannot get happiness, if we do not care for the happiness and peace of children, families or even animals who get disturbed and devastated with such pollutants. Can we?

I wish one and all a very bright, prosperous and noise free Diwali. I wish for a change that can prove us a sensible and responsible citizen. Let me know if you are there with me in support of noise free, cracker free Diwali.

As Bright as Gleaming Diyas

Diwali-poem-anupriya mishra

Dear God,

We wish for joy, prosperity, and success on Diwali;

We paint our homes, shop endlessly to decorate,

And live each moment to cherish and commemorate.

We buy delightful sweets and cook yummy goodies,

And, we choose the best clothes, buy the bright bougies.

But, this Diwali, let me bring some light

To those who deserve celebration; still deprived

I wish to spread joy around,

Pray healthy living for the downtrodden and in want.

Success should reward only those who deserve,

Let all slums be home with painted walls, well preserved.

Let us cherish the new outlook of commemorating the zeal,

Where power, supremacy and authority are not the deal.

Buy sweets and let us buy for all,

Cook goodies to serve and share the delight,

Live in a way to make other’s life bright.

God, let this prayer come true,

May this Diwali and all others too,

I can help bring happiness and light,

In the lives of as many people as I can do.

May I act as a medium to fulfill–

Dreams unshaped and aspirations undefined.



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Top 3 Restaurants Celebrating Your Birthday This Independence Day


A birthday is an occasion to celebrate no matter what your age. But, it becomes all the more special when you share it on the same day as Independence Day. Celebrate your birthday in a special way. Read on to know how…

It’s interesting to see how graciously we welcome and celebrate all festivals right from the traditional ones like Holi, Diwali, Easter, Eid or the ones those are universally celebrated like the much awaited Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and more. However, when it comes to celebrating the spirit of freedom, the zeal and enthusiasm are beyond comparison. There’s a sense of pride added with a flavor of patriotism that’s noticeable due to the prominence of tricolor, patriotic songs that ring in your ears if you switch on the radio or television.

But, there’s another noticeable thing this Independence Day. There are countless offers exclusively for those born on the 15th Day of August. I was baffled to see the way Restaurants have organized special offers and deals for people who share their birthdays on the same day. So, if you are born on this special day and you are a foodie then it’s an added benefit for you.

It can’t get better if a portion of your bill is on the restaurant. Here are the top 3 restaurant’s running an exclusive offer for the patrons who are born on August 15. The restaurants also boast of offering chef’s specialty Independence Day dessert to all the diners absolutely free.

Do not wait to grab this golden opportunity and satiate your taste buds with the best in class food, served in the finest ambience. I’ll help you to locate some of them in my own city Delhi/NCR.

  1. 56 Ristorante Italiano 



Website: http://www.56italian.co.in/

Address: Ground Floor, Vatika Atrium, Golf Course Road, Sector 53, Gurgaon, 122002


  1. Coriander Leaf




Website: http://www.corianderleaf.co.in/

Address:  Ground Floor, Vatika Triangle Building, Block A, Sushant Lok Phase 1, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon, 122002


  1. Jing



Website: http://www.jing.co.in/

Address:   Vatika Towers, Ground Floor, Golf Course Road, Sector 54, Gurgaon, 122002

Hope you have a great celebration of the two most special events. So, how many of you share your birthday on this special day. Leave your comments and I would love to get in touch with you.