I Walk Alone, Smiles Accompany Me

I walk and I walk alone till I find a way,
I get tired, I also stumble
I even fall or know I’ll fumble
But, I still walk to find a path
Where life seems fulfilling
And, emotions deduct wrath.

I dream and I dream alone, building castles in the air
I get dismayed, I give up hope
I feel dejected and forlorn
But, then I know that’s not what I am
I’ve to make it till the end
And, I dream on to achieve more and more.

I live and I live alone to give meaning to my life
Yes, I do feel like giving up when things are obscure
I tend to deny the strife, and lose my control
But, then I gather myself and accept it
My life—my identity and I have to make it big
And, then I smile and when I do, several smiles follow.

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