Take me away

Take me to a place, I can be myself
I take a deep breath and enjoy the silence.

Take me to a different world, where liveliness dwells,
Oh! Let me forget my worries, to serenity seamless.

Hold my hand and take me away, from the life that’s demanding,
To a place where I sense love, and only love that’s deep within.

Come; take me before it’s too late for you and for me
Bring me some moments of warmth and tranquility.

Take me away from this life full of worries,
To a distant place, we build remarkable memories.

Steal me away from this world so obnoxious.
For the world that’s full of love enormous.

Yes, take me to a place I can be myself,
For once, just once let me live these reveries.

Image Courtesy: Pictures.4ever


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