Mera Bharat Mahan: Rethink Nation

When the entire nation’s worried about the hike in petrol prices by Rs. 7.50, my mind is deviating from the latest buzz. Is this sudden steep rise in petrol prices going to reduce the traffic in any way? Are people going to stop taking out their cars up to the shop next street and prefer either walking or using a public transport? Are we going to save time that we waste in commuting to office and back home daily because of the heavy jams? Is anything ever going to change for good? Plenty of questions floating in the mind pool are waiting for the outcome.

The historical trend of petrol prices show that things have not been in our favour. Within a decade, the petrol prices in India have gone high significantly, i.e. from Rs. 30 to Rs. 75. Amid all the anger, chaos and protests, what will be the stand of the government? The problem prevails when the decision is one-sided. The authority decides and expects us to implement. However, the decisions are so sudden and unexpected that it suffocates people. The prices are going higher, the traffic’s getting worse, and everything’s so damn commercialized including religious places and medical amenities, so much so that even the education system is not left untouched. My question is; are we actually heading towards progress or doom? Is this how a developing country is and all the countries who are now developed, have they undergone the same state? If this is not the case I pity the plight of nation. When things cannot be favorable for the citizens and when the citizens are left unhappy, how can a country progress?

I cannot think of a single thing that’s untouched with dirt, filthy politics and corruption. The only time when people think of unity and are overwhelmed with a feeling of patriotism comes twice in a year. We curse Indians who settle abroad, but where’s the peace of mind for Indian citizens? If that’s easily unavailable, I would prefer other countries over India anytime. This is not because I have some aversion for my country, but probably because I see no improvement irrespective of whichever government takes the charge. It’s sad to say this, but I wish that the miracles could happen by giving moral lectures or broadcasting educational programs. When one dirty fish can contaminate a pond, we have a pond full of dirty fish. I can only think of Darwinism here; survival of the fittest along with rich getting richer and poor, the poorer. At least put a full stop somewhere. Let’s have enough to boast off and say “Mera Bharat Mahan”.



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