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Increasing Attrition

Attrition woes are not new to the industry. What makes the attrition rate soar? Is it primarily for academic reasons, personal, financial or environmental? Or, there can be various strings attached.

Attrition - Cause - Anupriya Mishra

Survey says that attrition happens because of the uniform dissatisfaction created among employees. This dissatisfaction may fall into any of the above mentioned categories or multiple categories. Surprisingly, despite of the increase in attrition and people switching industries or jobs frequently, are still hired at good positions with greater salaries. The quality of work is degrading. Professionalism, which was noticeable a decade back, is hard to find. People seek growth (monetary) more than anything. Did you just say stability? Who cares?

There’s a sudden drift from being professional towards keeping a casual attitude. People seem to be confident enough to get a new job without many efforts. And, who gives this confidence? Of course, the management, the organizations, the booming sectors.

There’s utter dissatisfaction, especially in the private sectors, among employees because the policies that existed ten years back does not prevail. Organizational policies are becoming meeker. Companies do not value employee. Nothing’s done in benefit of employees or to retain them. With such weak organizational policies even the deserving ones suffer big time. But, who cares?

The way people know they’ll get a new job if they leave one, the same way these private companies know there are always good candidates looking out for jobs. Moreover, again at the same salary package the company offered may be one year back.

Private companies were known to take excessive work and churn out all the labor that one can put. But, what are they giving in return? You get peanuts, with some butter at the time of appraisals, which are never on time and are postponed month on month. People slog, give their best, put all the efforts and time, just to prove their mettle and are disheartened to see what they get in the love letter from their supervisor, with all the convincing words and a good, well thought of or rehearsed lecture. Very convincingly, you are asked to wait for another appraisal cycle for some miracle to happen.

However, this is not it. There’s always a question that disturbs us and that is if the company is going through a rough patch or whatever holy shit was explained as a justification, then how some of those who hardly performed, but were good in interpersonal communication skills and were seen hovering around the bosses get a good hike and a promotion. Well, yeah!!!

Organizational behavior is changing drastically. Employers are not retaining as they know they can always have better at the same cost. If attrition is increasing, what measures are being taken to minimize it? Employees are asked to fill an exit form but, does anyone goes back and takes an action to eradicate the cause. Professionalism goes missing at the top level, and the same passes on to the bottom. Unfortunately, it’s not a good practice.

When some years back, only the deserved ones were seen moving up the ladder with the prefix Sr., today people aged 25-28 are becoming Directors, AVP, VP of the companies. With lesser experience of course the quality will deteriorate. And with lesser satisfaction, people will move on. Companies, wake up!!!

Mera Bharat Mahan: Rethink Nation

When the entire nation’s worried about the hike in petrol prices by Rs. 7.50, my mind is deviating from the latest buzz. Is this sudden steep rise in petrol prices going to reduce the traffic in any way? Are people going to stop taking out their cars up to the shop next street and prefer either walking or using a public transport? Are we going to save time that we waste in commuting to office and back home daily because of the heavy jams? Is anything ever going to change for good? Plenty of questions floating in the mind pool are waiting for the outcome.

The historical trend of petrol prices show that things have not been in our favour. Within a decade, the petrol prices in India have gone high significantly, i.e. from Rs. 30 to Rs. 75. Amid all the anger, chaos and protests, what will be the stand of the government? The problem prevails when the decision is one-sided. The authority decides and expects us to implement. However, the decisions are so sudden and unexpected that it suffocates people. The prices are going higher, the traffic’s getting worse, and everything’s so damn commercialized including religious places and medical amenities, so much so that even the education system is not left untouched. My question is; are we actually heading towards progress or doom? Is this how a developing country is and all the countries who are now developed, have they undergone the same state? If this is not the case I pity the plight of nation. When things cannot be favorable for the citizens and when the citizens are left unhappy, how can a country progress?

I cannot think of a single thing that’s untouched with dirt, filthy politics and corruption. The only time when people think of unity and are overwhelmed with a feeling of patriotism comes twice in a year. We curse Indians who settle abroad, but where’s the peace of mind for Indian citizens? If that’s easily unavailable, I would prefer other countries over India anytime. This is not because I have some aversion for my country, but probably because I see no improvement irrespective of whichever government takes the charge. It’s sad to say this, but I wish that the miracles could happen by giving moral lectures or broadcasting educational programs. When one dirty fish can contaminate a pond, we have a pond full of dirty fish. I can only think of Darwinism here; survival of the fittest along with rich getting richer and poor, the poorer. At least put a full stop somewhere. Let’s have enough to boast off and say “Mera Bharat Mahan”.



Amidst the Mad Race and House Hunt

A milestone achieved! Certainly house hunting is a tedious task, moreover, if it’s supposed to be in the country capital. Finally, I succeeded yesterday in finding a good accommodation for myself. With the entire struggle, profuse sweating under the sun and loitering involved, I found a beautiful flat for myself, in a serene and just my kind of locality. Not a stone left unturned, all possible contact buzzed and all proximity investigated, I eventually landed up to this place. Amazingly lit, well-ventilated rooms, a newly constructed flat with greenery around and everything accessible, what else could I have looked for?

It took me two months to search for a house of my dreams in Delhi, since the time I moved from Gurgaon. That’s not like ages though and just three months. So, to be precise it’s my second house within a short span of time. However, this one seems to be like a dream come true.

Delhi is a city of insane landlords (Apologies, if one of you reads this) and there is always a mad race going on between property dealers. Midst all the insanity, I luckily found one of the best places around, with hopefully one of the least insane owners. Moreover, if the owner belongs to the same place as that of yours; it can be a real add-on.

In my case, the HoD that’s the landlord’s wife turned out to be from the same city as that of mine; Lucknow – the City of Nawabs. Who can break the stereotypical image of Lucknowites being polite, warm and courteous? I try my best not to, but somewhere occasionally Delhi influences me a bit. No sooner I realize that this is not me. In fact, I’m now a mix of cultures/ regions as having stayed and pursued my education in South; I have some elements of almost everywhere. This turned out to be another factor of getting me this house.

In a nutshell, I am on cloud nine for the next couple of days as I have a home to make. My crazy mind never rests. It plans now of decorating each corner of the house in an effort to make it a ‘Home Sweet Home’. Let’s see where I end up this time.