What does it take to be a woman of mettle?

On International Women’s Day 2021

Being a woman is certainly not in our hands. Of course, the chromosomes play a major role here. However, being a woman of the mettle is an option, so many of us strive hard to attain.

Being a gender-neutral person, I believe in celebrating humanity than a particular gender. Perhaps, also because I, fortunately, haven’t seen a world where women are seen to be dominated. Yet, I’m not unaware of the sacrifices, compromises, pain, physical differences and emotional sensitivity she undergoes in so many ways. This is what makes the journey of a woman remarkable. And, irrespective of what each of us does, we are all beautiful in our ways. Nothing can deprive us of being what we are. All it takes is putting that extra effort into the inherent strength that brings out the “woman of mettle’ we all are.

I have always believed in paving my path, and sooner or later convinced those who matter, to support me in my decision. Whatever you do and wherever you are, if you give your heart and soul to what you want to achieve you will outshine. If you haven’t been able to find that woman in you, the time is now. Because anyone can be a woman, it takes courage to be a woman of spirit, fortitude and substance. What would you prefer to be known as?