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Have you heard of ‘Candy Crush Saga’, ‘Angry Birds’, ‘Temple Run’, etc.? I am sure you must have. Mobile gaming industry undoubtedly has evolved immensely especially since the time of Android. There were times when we rarely had options other than the games like Snake on Nokia handsets. But, now times have changed and so is the gaming industry. With the advancement in technology, there are more choices and vast differentiating factors that delineates one technology superior to the other. Same is with the gaming industry. The High Definition visuals, 3D graphics, ease to play are some of the factors that determine whether the game will hit the lot, especially the youngsters.

I was not a game freak till the time I was introduced to some very popular games on my Android, difficult to say fortunately or unfortunately as I remember spending hours and hours on some games, highly addictive. Whatever the case be, these games turn to be a delight when played within limits. Especially, when you know you can compare yourself with your other friends in the race. Quite exciting, isn’t it?

But, then there’s always an end to good things. Eventually it becomes all the same boring stuff. And, since someone has rightly said that “Change is the only constant in life.” why not try something new?

After all those action games like Gunship Battle, Real Steel, Prince of Persia, Subway Surfers in the year 2014, it’s time to get onto some Ultimate Robot Fighting.

Wondering what it is? Ultimate Robot Fighting is the new buzz in town that’s out now on iOS in the Apple App Store and on Android devices via Google Play. The game is created and brought up by Reliance Games, a global mobile gamer publisher who has earlier come up with some interesting games like Real Steel and real Steel World Robot Boxing.

“Ultimate Robot Fighting brings forth pulsating 3v3 Robot tag team action to entertain players with a wide array of superlative robots having sensational special moves and distinctive fighting styles. The game’s experience has been designed so players can choose characters which fit their identity and reveal who the ultimate champion is in the battle with the sentient AIs”, says Manish Agarwal, CEO – Reliance Entertainment Digital.

Key Features of the Game

  • 45 playable characters
  • 33 distinctive fighting styles
  • unique weapons for robots
  • tier based 3 vs 3 tag team fighting with boss battles
  • players earn rewards and achievements to receive upgrades
  • intuitive gesture based controls with 90+ unique moves & combos
  • 100+ unique and epic finishing moves
  • 250+ different fights
  • state of the art graphics leading to arenas with 9 unique locations inspired from real life locations.

Mobile Gaming_Blog_Anupriya Mishra

Mobile Gaming_Blog_Anupriya Mishra

Mobile Gaming_Blog_Anupriya Mishra

I am definitely game for trying this bundled package of ultimate entertainment. This seems to have the potential to be a game changer in the gaming industry. It promises to serve as a visual treat for users and I hope it doesn’t serve to be only this, but much beyond.

**Ultimate Robot Fighting will be free to download from December 18, 2014 on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The link of the game is as follows: Ultimate Robot Fighting – Google Play Link; Ultimate Robot Fighting – iTunes Link. For the latest news and updates, please visit  or follow along at and   











Tech-NO-logy: There’s NO End To It!

While doing a little research on one of the articles for my clients I learned about some intriguing mobile apps. Ever wondered why mobile has been such a fascination for different age groups? Despite serving the purpose of basic utility and acting as a medium to cut down the prevailing distances and barriers, mobile has so much more especially when it’s clubbed with an excellent plan of Internet through your service provider.

3G technologies have done wonders by providing feasibility to transfer both voice-data in the form of a telephone call and non-voice data especially the video telephony. Already, we are so much addicted to using Internet on our mobile phones, which give us round-the-clock ready access to e-mails, social media, instant messaging, news, stocks and lots more. For instance, if I consider my BalckBerry as an example, I too have three e-mail accounts, Facebook app, Twitter app, Huffington Post, multiple instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, BBM, Nimbuzz, Facebook Messenger, etc. These are just a few examples. I’m so use to my mobile phone now as half of my daily tasks revolve around it. Who cares to start a laptop, wait for the boot up and then login to multiple accounts when you have everything handy? I avoid the time to login again and again as my phone doesn’t ask for it. What’s there that I cannot do with my phone and I can do on a PC? Well, there are probably many things that a mobile phone cannot do but we cannot challenge the technology. I was so surprised to come across applications that even help you locate parking lots in your vicinity (ParkingAssistant), iFlirt3 to help you with hundreds of great pickup lines, sure to impress. Another wonderful app was Calorie Calculator especially for those who are health conscious. This application helps keep a check on your daily calorie intake…Woof!!! Isn’t it exhilarating?

I mean this simply shows the dependency on this petite thing, which has become so much a part of our day-to-day life. If that’s the case with you too, then why complain of being busy all the time. These smart electronic gadgets have taken so much of your valuable time by keeping you engrossed in some really invaluable stuff. They are definitely gonna knock off your brain sooner or later. Think about it.