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Top Favourite Street Food Places in Lucknow

This blog was much awaited! Among several other reasons for its great popularity and charm, Lucknow is also known for its mouthwatering food. From delectable kebabs to tangy chaats, from flavoursome kachoris to inviting kulfis and makhhan malai, Lucknow has endless tastes to offer. So, here are some of the best and my favourite street food destinations in Lucknow. You can save this post for future so that you do not miss to try any of these, next time you are here.

  • Tunday Kababi – Come to Lucknow and you are not asked to bring back some kebabs with you; not happening! The legendry Tunday kebabs here are popular across India leave alone Uttar Pradesh. They are exceptionally tasteful and melt-in-your mouth. They have a variety of kebabs—the Shami Kebabs, Boti Kebabs, Kakori Kebabs, Gelawati Kebabs, Seekh Kebabs. A word of caution is to ask beforehand what kebabs are you are going to have as they have varieties in Beef (Bade ka Kabab) and Mutton (Chote ka Kabab), Ask anyone, and you would easily reach the destination. Now they have various franchisees but the oldest one remains in Chowk.
  • Royal Café – This is my personal favourite. Known for its rich Basket Chaat and other variety of lip-smacking tangy chaats. You name it and they have it. Dahi Bhalla, Papdi Chaat, Pani Puri, Bhelpuri, Samosa Chaat they have it all to satiate your chaat cravings. What also makes it unique is Hardayal Maurya ji, the senior most chef here who personally takes care of his guests and makes customized chaats for them and garnishes with his interesting conversation along with other ingredients. This shop is the heart of famous Hazratganj market.
  • Shukla Chaat House – This is the oldest and one of the most popular chaat shops in Hazratganj. Over 50 years old shop, this attracts people who want to try authentic streetfood flavour of chaats. Prices are extremely reasonable starting from Rs 45/- per plate. This shop is old-fashioned made of wood but you would savour the taste for long. A word of caution here is not to get confused with other Sharma Chaats in and around the main shop. and painted in blue as shown in the clip.
  • Bajpayee Kachori Bhandar – This vegetarian eatery is again one of the oldest and the most popular one in Lucknow known for it’s famous Kachoris served with chole (gram), pickle and onion. The shop witness long queues early morning. Right opposite Ram Asrey (A famous sweet shop) in Hazratganj, this petite shop is a prime spot for food lovers and bloggers/ vloggers as well.
  • Sharma Tea Corner – Lucknow aayein aur chai pe charcha na ho aisa to ho hi nahi sakta. 😊 This tea corner is the main fascination of Lucknowites. The famous Bun Maska, Gol Samosa and Kulhad Chai is the classic combination the shop offers at prices as reasonable as Rs 15 per Samosa and Rs 30 per Kulhad Tea.  The shop is again more than 40 years old. You will find people of all age groups gathering and discussing matters on various subjects here, anytime of the day.   
  • Dastarkhwan – Known for its Mughlai cuisines, Dastarkhwan is a mecca for non-vegetarians. It has three branches. However, the main one is in Hazratganj where you can visit with your friends and family and sufficiently enjoy the authentic Mughlai taste within Rs 500.
  • Raheem ki Nihari – This shop exists for over a century and is another famous shop for non-vegetarian lovers who can dive into the aromatic and flavoursome motton and chiken curries with Raheem’s famous Nihari Kulcha. A half plate of Nihari costs just Rs 50. Located in a narrow old lane of Chowk, the place witnesses extreme crowd during Ramzan.
  • Sardar Ji Ke Mashhoor Cholle Bhature – The famous Cholle Bhature of Sardar ji in Lalbagh, brings the authentic taste of Punjab and are highly in demand. They also serve Aloo, Paneer Kulcha and Sooji Halwa made in Pure Ghee. Pure vegetarian shop is a delight to majority of Lucknowites.
  • Prakash Kulfi – A meal is incomplete without a good dessert and the famed Prakash kulfi falooda is unbeatable be it summers or winters. This is a must try whenever you visit Chowk. The delicious Kulfis come in different flavours loaded with dry fruits and flavours that make it rich and creamy.

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