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My Life, My Learning #1

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strength within-anupriyamishra-blog

Getting out of negativity requires strength. And, strength lies within you.

It took me ages to understand that your real strength lies within you. No body or object can replace your inner self. It’s you who has to choose to be strong enough to face any and every challenge on earth. And, the day you realize that, you’ll find innate happiness and peace. I’m not a philosopher or a spiritual guide. But, what I’m sharing here is purely based on my experience and learning.

Often, you depend on others for happiness. You wait for them to say something nice to you; you expect a surprise or a gift or simply get attached with them so much so that you stop believing that your happiness and your strength are within you. You rely on them to do something to make you happy and if that doesn’t happen you get upset. Why should that ever happen?

Ask yourself, are you not capable enough? Let people come to you instead of you running after them. Do something in life that make them want you instead of you wanting them. Life’s too short to worry about others and I made a choice not to waste it on anyone.

Why do people go in deep sorrow or negativity? I could probably share it because I’ve been through it. Yes, at times you lose hope and become disheartened. You also sometimes lose interest in life. You feel that you need a shoulder to cry on. It’s nonsense! Trust me, it is. You do not need anyone more than yourself. Your strength lies within you and no one on this earth will come and show it to you. The more you depend on people, the more handicapped you become. You are responsible for your own life; it’s your choice to live in misery or joy.

Things don’t just end there. You also seek a companion when you are happy. Look for someone who can celebrate with you, can listen to you and be equally happy. If you share your joy it multiplies, but again, it’s your expectations that bind you with others. You want others to be as happy as you are and celebrate the moment. What if they don’t? Be prepared as these elements shouldn’t bother you for you are as strong as a pillar.

Believe in yourself and follow the right path, you’ll reach the destination without even realizing that you were alone and you’ll be elated at the end that you did it all by yourself. I’m not asking you to be selfish or lack emotions. But, even if I do what is wrong in being selfish? If you are not thinking about yourself first, how can you think about others? I love myself for what I am and for what I’ve faced in life and also for, what all I’ve prepared myself to do at times to come. It’s important to love yourself.

It’s my life, it’s precious and I want to devour every second of it in living it for myself, my way. I want to give away every single thing or person that makes me weary. I want to live a carefree and joyous life because my personality reflects my identity. And, who knows if this is my last life. I want to make 100% of it.

Try it and you’ll see the difference. Stop believing in others and believe in yourself.

I learnt something from my life. Did you?


Image Courtesy: Bethzinn