Raising Dollar

Raising Dollar! There has been a hue and cry about the rising Dollar and here I am writing about raising Dollar. Have I lost my mind? Oh–No, not at all! Certainly, I haven’t, if I tell you that Dollar is the name of my almost three months old pup. It is perhaps strange to say, but I’ve been raised with dogs. Yeah, I’m serious, as when I was a kid; I had a huge battalion of dogs at home of variety of breeds; very much a part of me and my family. So, when I was raised in dogs’ company, I hardly realized how painstaking the job to raise each one of them could be. And today, raising Dollar, my cute little Golden Labrador, shows me tough times.
The day we brought him home, we were quite enthusiastic about his name and stuff. Starting from Vodka, Rum, Breezer, Raisin, Choco to some of the most popular and local names like Champ, Tiger; we tried all. Eventually, we got stuck on this name—Dollar. The fact that Dollar (the currency) is getting stronger day by day, we thought if nothing else, this name might at least serve him stay strong, hale and hearty just like the American dollar. Being little wary of our last experience with Bravo, whom we lost when he was almost two months old and suffered through a deadly Distemper virus, we gathered courage to bring a new member home.
It’s been a month since Dollar came home, but this new member never really seemed new. Starting from the first day he has been all over the place—damaging things—breaking, chewing, tearing, scratching, biting and it goes on and on. The first loss incurred was my pair of glasses, which urged us to be careful when keeping things however, in vain. The second loss was of sound speakers, then the hair brush, then laptop keys, then carpet, so on and so forth and those are just the materialistic things. It will not be a wonder, if you see me and suspect that I’ve been beaten up by someone with all the scars, scratches and black spots I have on my arms and legs.
No sooner did we realize that this can’t be happening and we need to train him. Of course we can’t wait for another month to hire a trainer till he turns three months old. Now, the question arises as how to train him? Trust me; raising Dollar has made us do everything. Chipping in some time from the usual chores, I sit daily browsing through videos and web on “How to train a Labrador?”, “What to do if Labradors bite constantly?”, “How to keep Labradors away from spilling water?”
With so much of research, I can definitely prepare a thesis, but my dear Dollar will not learn. He chooses to stay rowdy and undisciplined. No rewards, no pop-corns and biscuits work for him. It’s not that he doesn’t love to eat, but he’s smarter than us. He eats and forgets.
It’s a daily tussle with him now to understand him and make him understand. If nothing else, he’ll definitely bring some good amount of patience in me. Whatever it is, I am completely in love with my baby as his pranks keep me busy and bring insurmountable smile on my face.

Labrador Training - Golden Retriever _ Anupriya Mishra

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