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Movie Review: PK

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I would love to hear from those who have watched this latest release, starring Aamir Khan, in and as PK. While those who haven’t, must feel glad that they came across my blog and later decide whether they want to watch it or not.

I’m not a movie buff and highly selective when it comes to going to theaters. Of course, with movies starring Aamir Khan, your expectations are always on a rise. Somewhat inquisitive, the first thing I did the very next day of the release was to check out the ratings on a few reputed websites and newspaper. This movie particularly caught my attention because it was rated 4.5-5 almost everywhere.

“OMG! It’s a must watch”–that’s exactly what I thought and booked the tickets for the same weekend. Least expected, I got 4 tickets for the evening show at Wave Cinemas.

The opening scene of the movie is a narrative with visuals that looks borrowed from some Hollywood Sci-Fi movie. This blends into a comedy that’s bizarre in the subsequent scenes, spiced up with too much of drama. Hard to digest that the movie falls under the genre of comedy.

Nevermind! It is also difficult to connect the links in the opening part of the story as there’s a sudden introduction of the actor Sushant Singh Rajput and actress, Anushka Sharma. Moreover, there is a lot more that is expected from Aamir Khan in a movie and he seems to be a disapponitment especially in the first half.  The expressions that he has maintained throughout the movie did not even look innocent or childlike at all. Aamir Khan, who boasts of attaining perfection in every scene has slightly missed it somewhere this time. His acting and make-up looks unreal and the story looks like a combination of “Oh my God!” and “Koi Mil Gaya”, though I would rate both of these movies to be far better in every aspect than PK.

The first half of the movie is not at all impressive and lack the real entertainment. The second half of the movie looks more like a documentary to me that could have also been an episode of Satyamev Jayate probably.

Performances at a glance

pk-movie review-anupriya mishra

Aamir Khan had looked better without those raised eyebrows and overtly red lips.

The overall performances of all the actors is at par. However, Sushant’s role is brilliantly done. Anushka looks not that glamorous in the new look, but her performance is quite honest to her role. Aamir could have done and looked better without those raised eyebrows throughout the movie and overtly red lips projecting the betel stain; looked awful. Though his Bhojpuri accent seems to come naturally to him, I’m sure there he must have put a lot of effort and practice. Boman Irani looks great and has done justice to his role, however little it may be. Sanjay Dutt’s role is not that eminent.

Let’s talk about the climax now!

I think the climax makes up for the entire movie or the storyline. The twist in the tale was brought up immensely and the emotional satire is worth the watch. The guest appearance of the chocolaty boy at the time of climax would act as a balm to your eyes, especially for girls.

If you ask me, this movie is neither a comedy because it does not make you laugh that much, nor a drama because the emotional scenes look unnatural and forceful except in the climax. The last few scenes of the movie are excellent and may bring tears to your eyes. You may just end up trying to gulp them down your throat before your partner in the adjacent seat could figure out. It’s only the end that would make you feel like you have not wasted your time andmoney.

All in all the movie is overrated. This is purely my opinion and I would like to know all my friends’ views, who have just read my blog about the movie–PK.

Movie rating: 3