Sleep Therapy is the Best Therapy. Isn’t it?

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Image Courtesy: Dailyperricone

Image Courtesy: Dailyperricone

Call it my favorite pastime, hobby or a relaxing activity, but sleep certainly acts as a therapy to cure my wearied mind, body and soul. If nothing else, it at least gives me the satisfaction of having taken a rest, cutting aloof from the fast and furious for a while.

I remember a time, somewhere during my school days, when I used to sleep for a minimum of 10 hours and each of my family members would come to wake me up with a new statement and a new idea each time. My mom’s favorite line was, “The sun is at its peak, wake up.” And this used to be my snooze alarm at regular intervals starting 7 in the morning. Why couldn’t the sun sink? Between those regular intervals, came my brother, doing every single thing to annoy me, trying to wake me up. On the contrary, just a few words from my dad would be enough to wake me up and the words echo even today while writing this, and those were, “Okay it’s late now, get up.”

How much do I miss those mornings? Life was then untouched by the daily activities of preparing breakfast, going to work, so on and so forth. Where have those long nights and sleepy mornings vanished? Lack of sleep makes me drowsy, but I cannot sleep. 10 hours of sound sleep has been cut down automatically to four to five hours.

My mom used to say: “Whoever sleeps for more than six hours, loses the good things in life.” However, I’m still wondering if the good things she referred to were–daily office, a routine life, and no time for self. I was so used to the beauty sleep that goes missing in my life now; my eyes remain dreamy as they have no time to dream.

I wish somehow I could get back those days, when I had not to worry about anything except homework with ready excuses. Not that I wasn’t a sincere child, but some innocent moments are forever. I’m ready to do homework, carry heavy bags to school, only and only if my boss can be converted to a teacher and the replica of an idiot box who takes away my entire day into a blackboard. How I wish, I could get back my 10 hours of sleep–my sleep therapy.