As Bright as Gleaming Diyas

Diwali-poem-anupriya mishra

Dear God,

We wish for joy, prosperity, and success on Diwali;

We paint our homes, shop endlessly to decorate,

And live each moment to cherish and commemorate.

We buy delightful sweets and cook yummy goodies,

And, we choose the best clothes, buy the bright bougies.

But, this Diwali, let me bring some light

To those who deserve celebration; still deprived

I wish to spread joy around,

Pray healthy living for the downtrodden and in want.

Success should reward only those who deserve,

Let all slums be home with painted walls, well preserved.

Let us cherish the new outlook of commemorating the zeal,

Where power, supremacy and authority are not the deal.

Buy sweets and let us buy for all,

Cook goodies to serve and share the delight,

Live in a way to make other’s life bright.

God, let this prayer come true,

May this Diwali and all others too,

I can help bring happiness and light,

In the lives of as many people as I can do.

May I act as a medium to fulfill–

Dreams unshaped and aspirations undefined.



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