Season of Love

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Image courtesy: Pixgood

Image courtesy: Pixgood

As January is all set to bid adieu giving way to February, there’s more ‘Love’ evident everywhere. Love is not just in the air, but can be seen in every nook and corner of the markets and multiplexes-showrooms, card and gift galleries, restaurants displaying Valentine’s Day posters and placards. The hype is also apparently because of the online media.

Seasons come and go, however, the season of love remains forever. And, it is a good way to express your feelings in full zeal and vigor on a day specified for it. This gives us an opportunity to wait for one entire year to showcase the lovey dovey side of us; on the special day of love, in a special way to that special someone. However, there comes a time when love is not about that one glimpse or a smile or a heart melting feeling.

The perspective changes as one evolves and grows into a mature person. Goose bumps and butterflies vanish into thin air as one understands the deeper meaning of love, which is attained through simple acts of caring for those who are in need of your love and attention. Making them feel special is a feeling that gives utmost happiness and satisfaction as compared to love that’s superficially superfluous.

Today, when I sit and give it a thought, I realize how the feelings within me have transformed severely from a love that was self-centered to a selfless one. Hence, for me, Valentine’s Day is a day to show I care. And, this caring is not only for a special someone, but all those who touch my life in some way or the other. I feel love for all humans who nurture noble thoughts, children-for they are the most innocent souls on this earth and, animals who play a major role in keeping me humane.

It’s a strong statement when I say that love is losing its charm. I say this perhaps because the stories of heartbreaks, betrayal, back stabbing are commonly heard nowadays. I believe, “It’s easier to break a relationship, but takes a lifetime to make one.” On this note, I would love to share a composition written by me and dedicated to all those who are in love, irrespective of what your definition of love might be:

Be with those you love, walk by their side;
When you say you love someone,
Don’t keep them in disguise.

When they falter, hold their hand;
Don’t leave them or ignore them;
If they are in a moment; bad.

They might act vulnerable at times,
Or showcase their worst side,
Believe, they are still the same you liked;
Don’t judge them in their difficult times.

None can be smiling all the time;
If you accept their strengths,
Accept their weaknesses underlying.

Love demands an understanding divine;
It’s a fixture that strongly unites.

Let not the feelings of hatred seep in,
Because, it’s easier to lose, but hard to find.

It Really Doesn’t Matter


When the skies are gray and times are hard, it really doesn’t matter;
When the days are rough and the nights are dark, it really doesn’t matter.

It really doesn’t matter, when friends turn foes and peers indifferent,
Or the pockets that were once full are now empty; incompetent.

It doesn’t really matter when nights are longer than days,
And, familiar faces pass by without a noticeable gaze.

It matters little not to find like-minded people when you are confident,
And, hardly does it matter to hold on to the ones who know not how to bend.

These things don’t matter as they come and go,
The more you value yourself, the more they value you.

What matters are the simple joys that make you smile,
A warm touch that can comfort you and make living worthwhile.

It matters a lot to have the blessings that take you high;
It really matters to lay on the lap that never gets tired.

To live life with head held high is what matters a lot,
And, a hard earned penny makes all your efforts sublime.

It really does matter holding onto people who really love and care,
Without whom all your endeavors are in vain and despair.

Keep safe the memories of childhood days,
It means a lot as you don’t get them back anyways.

Above all what matters is a positive outlook towards life,
Be a lone crusader, a fighter who knows how to survive.

Because, in the end, it’s not anyone or anything else that matters–Really!
What matters is YOU–a reason for someone’s glaring smile.


A Feeling So Strong

Under the deep blue sky, in a moonlit night;

As they stood on rooftop by each other’s side,

Unspoken words were willing to flow;

But, silence surreal beautifully endured.


The wonderful two took a deep sigh,

Deciphering the silent hints and signs;

Both of them knew the feeling they held,

The vulnerable longing was purely kept.


Feeling is strangely a marvelous desire,

Obscure, unreal and impatiently sublime

It plunges you into wait prolonged;

And makes you stay till some miracle befall.

Life-Relationships-Anupriya Mishra

Own Things Not People

Life-Relationships-Anupriya Mishra
Possessiveness is a feeling that binds an individual to speckled objects or people. Something that’s important for you today may not hold equal importance in your life tomorrow. Or, it may simply get replaced with another liking. However, the feeling of possessiveness persists strongly.
I know not of a person who is deprived of such a universal emotion. There are saints and sages who would not fall into this category; I’m not sure. Hence, I’ll limit myself to average people like us. However, the feeling in itself gives you an authority to rule over things or people. Surprisingly, the liberty may or may not be given by the counterpart, it dwells somewhere in the subconscious mind.
As soon as the submissive or suppressed feeling of the ownership starts boiling up and eventually erupts due to the fear to lose your so called belonging, the problem arises. You may not be in trouble if it happens with the objects you claim to possess, as they cannot hit back in retaliation. But, same is not the case with humans.
All humans have their own set of emotional bondage. It is a common find in relationships that two people having different priorities and attachments, or what you may call as possessions may sooner or later land into disputes. We are not a liberal society unlike America where, people don’t really thrust things on you. In a nation like ours, we are comparatively less practical and more driven by sentiments. You develop a liking for someone and start believing to be the master of that individual. You strongly develop a notion that the person can never leave you as you like him and you keep on reminding him that you are possessive of him.
Such relationships at times become consuming not because your liking towards him has changed, or he himself has changed. But, primarily because you keep telling him indirectly that you own him. Humans cannot be treated as a commodity. This is where most of the hearts break and majority of the relationships come to an end. Loving someone doesn’t give you the authority to curb that person’s desire just because he showed confidence in you. A little respect and faith will help you differentiate between being possessive and being in love.
It’s high time you start differentiating between objects and individuals. “I’m possessive for you” is cliched and doesn’t make the other person fall for you anymore. It gives him the impression that you are managing his life and his life’s no more in his control. No one would ever want to live with that perception. Instead try saying with greater impact that you love him, and show him that you do, with all the support, encouragement and trust. Don’t manage his life, instead win over.
Master the art of mastering yourself and see how things fall in place.

Feelings - Poems - Anupriya Mishra

Feelings Unbound

Feelings - Poems - Anupriya Mishra

It’s amazing, how you fool the deep silence midst all the possible noises,

When the world’s rushing with their usual speed and you wish to slow down.

The feeling to be left alone hovers over your wearied mind,

A craving to enjoy the serenity that seems to drive you to madness—survives.

The chaos leaves you unperturbed, just like the water in a pond—still, soothing,

The destination is known; still the situation urges you to hold.

It’s tricky to grasp the stubborn feelings that have lost their way,

It’s trickier to smartly ditch them stating that they are wrong.

Yet, it’s wonderfully bizarre how the feelings are obstinate,

And, they want to flow constantly and, go on and on.