Before Taking A Big Leap

Poetry | AppyTales | Anupriya Mishra

Hold on…

I’m busy in my world,
Admiring the sky, and
Waiting for the clouds to pass.

So that I feel,
The fresh sunshine, and
Glitter like a blade of grass.

Hold on…

Till I absorb the chaos,
Before I find my peace, and
Take a big leap.

To wander once again,
Only to find me, and
Get lost in the serenity.

So, Hold on!! 🥰


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What if I say…

Life is not always a throwback. You got to live in the present and plan for the future.

What if, I say I want to fly, would you give me that initial push I need;

Hold me close to only set me free.

What if, I want to touch the sky, would you show me the path I seek;

Hold my hand only to let me be.

What if, I tell you I want to deep dive into the meandering rivers;

Would you see me dive and swim away from you?

What if, I want to start all over again, would you ever understand;

And, leave me at a safe place.

What if, I want to reach the topmost peak and cry my heart out;

Would you still let me go without looking back?

What if, I want a life without the ifs, would you kiss away my worries;

And, let me fly without wings.

PS: The first part of this poem was written 9 years back https://anupriyamishra.wordpress.com/2013/08/09/fly-without-wings/

It’s a journey from then to now, a transformation, an evolution from a bunch of experiences that come calling

Lost & Found


Lost in the reverberatory of dreams,

I often find myself burning into coal.

Ending up to reason myself;

Amidst the struggle between the real and allure.


Thousands of questions daunt me,

Why do I’ve to think? I know not why.

They cluster in my head, leaving no vent;

When I can do nothing, except a sigh.


Plenty of prayers go without an answer,

Then why the mind tussles with those.

Things that cannot be changed;

That’s where the destiny comes into force.


I’m not someone who would give up on destiny,

Is that why it shows me the highs and lows?

I would still not give up, but this mind,

Dates back in time and droops me with blows.




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Take me away

Take me to a place, I can be myself
I take a deep breath and enjoy the silence.

Take me to a different world, where liveliness dwells,
Oh! Let me forget my worries, to serenity seamless.

Hold my hand and take me away, from the life that’s demanding,
To a place where I sense love, and only love that’s deep within.

Come; take me before it’s too late for you and for me
Bring me some moments of warmth and tranquility.

Take me away from this life full of worries,
To a distant place, we build remarkable memories.

Steal me away from this world so obnoxious.
For the world that’s full of love enormous.

Yes, take me to a place I can be myself,
For once, just once let me live these reveries.

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anupriya mishra-insomniac mind-poem

Insomniac Mind

anupriya mishra-insomniac mind-poem

There’s someone knocking on my door!

The mind that had been barren–

Infertile with the passage of time,

Things those were once crucial and sublime;

Took a grave turn and were left behind.

Something’s trying to trespass now,

There’s a constant sense of determination,

That’s strong, surreal, obscure somehow.

A sense of achievement that was lying within,

Lost its track, again flickers to rekindle.

The ambition, the dreams, the restlessness of infancy

Seem to come back to me knocking for the entry.

With heaviness in eyes, without a trace of sleep;

I dream day and night to get back in time.

I know I cannot, but there’s a lot more I can do;

Before the time flies by, I’m sure to make it mine.