anupriya mishra-insomniac mind-poem

Insomniac Mind

anupriya mishra-insomniac mind-poem

There’s someone knocking on my door!

The mind that had been barren–

Infertile with the passage of time,

Things those were once crucial and sublime;

Took a grave turn and were left behind.

Something’s trying to trespass now,

There’s a constant sense of determination,

That’s strong, surreal, obscure somehow.

A sense of achievement that was lying within,

Lost its track, again flickers to rekindle.

The ambition, the dreams, the restlessness of infancy

Seem to come back to me knocking for the entry.

With heaviness in eyes, without a trace of sleep;

I dream day and night to get back in time.

I know I cannot, but there’s a lot more I can do;

Before the time flies by, I’m sure to make it mine.