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Book Review: Dying To Be Me

bookreview-dyingtobeme-anupriyamishraAuthor: Anita Moorjani

Publisher: Hay House

Price: INR 299

My rating: 3.5 / 5

Book Review: This book by Anita Moorjani serves to be an inspiration for those who seek an answer to the question, “Why me?” Her constant battle, first with societal norms and in the later half with deadly cancer, is tremendous. The story is based on a backdrop that you can easily relate to. However, it’s also overloaded with some miraculous events those are hard to believe and the unnecessary pompous description.

Anita’s description of fear and anxiety, since the time of her diagnosis of cancer is incredibly heartrending. The story touches you, especially when she talks about the reactions of her family, particularly her husband. You could actually sense and visualize how difficult a situation he would have been into, knowing of her wife’s critical situation and also the fact that her life partner’s journey is coming to an end.

The first half of the book is excellently done; the second half of the book however makes you feel saturated as the same things are talked about over and over again; written differently. Not forgetting the fact that this particular book is an autobiography, there’s an overdose of ‘I’.  Overdose because the author had been lucky enough to experience a true miracle that cured her cancer from its extreme stage. Her strength subsides with the fact that she enjoyed more while she was in coma, relieved of all the pains than being in the real world, facing real challenges.

Strength of the writer is something that’s not undeterred or inbuilt in her character, but imbibed due to the destiny’s choice. The theme of this book could have been brought in a better manner than emphasizing more on “I” factor. This book has made me think and urged me to meet more of such people who actually struggle with this deadly disease as miracles don’t happen with one and all.

The best part about this book is the depiction of encouragement and family’s support, whether it be in hospital, home or right up there at the time of her coma. It gives immense strength to believe that come what may, your family’s always there by your side.

All in all, the book starts off quiet well, but later gets overshadowed by self-talk and eventually loses its charm in the end.