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Sparkling ‘Jewels of Rajputana’

There are plenty of sellers selling out Rajputana jewelry, at least as per their belief, but none of them have a beauty like these, which dates back to the heritage and culture of Rajputs in true sense.

Zoya- Jewels of Rajputanta -Anupriya Mishra

Jewelry is one thing that brings sparkle in every woman’s eye and I’m no exception. Ladies now-a-days are more fussy and sophisticated when they shop for jewelry. Mainly, because we do not simply go with the dazzling shine of gold anymore. It’s the design, finesse, make and various other facets that we look at.

Apart from that, there’s endless variety. Who would want to stick to just  different patterns in gold when there are so many topping options to add that extra bling? I love gold and I equally love gold studded with diamonds or with Polki work or embellished with precious stones like Ruby, Emerald and the list goes on and on. I am fanatic about the very thought of buying a jewelry for myself. Even a look at some exquisite piece brings innate happiness in me. Hence, I couldn’t stop myself writing about my experience at the extravagant pomp and show by one of the luxury diamond boutiques, Zoya.

Rajputana Jewelry - Blog - Anupriya Mishra

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Isn’t it an icing on the cake if you get all that you want under one roof? Zoya from the House of Tata unveiled its limited edition collection – Jewels of the Rajputana on November 27, 2014 in Mumbai. I feel, this is one brand that understands precisely what a woman desires. The stunning collection of Rajputana jewelry marveled one and all, present at the showcasing of the brand’s exotic and most exquisite collection. The designs that Zoya introduced in a royal way is commendable. It reflects the royalty of Rajasthan, the tradition of Rajputs, the glory of a bygone era and the creativity of its own.

Zoya- Jewels of Rajputana -Anupriya Mishra Zoya- Jewels of Rajputana -Anupriya Mishra Zoya- Jewels of Rajputana -Anupriya Mishra Zoya- Jewels of Rajputana -Anupriya Mishra

What’s unique about the collection?

Well, I would say, if you have an eye for detailing, you would love the entire range of collection. There are plenty of sellers selling out Rajputana jewelry, at least as per their belief, but the ones from Zoya have a beauty that dates back to the heritage and culture of Rajputs in true sense. ‘Jewels of Rajputana’ collection by Zoya is embellished with finest Polki work with symmetrical patterns, handcrafted enameling, precious stones that imprint the rich culture flavored with excellent craftsmanship. The precision in work is evident. To know more about the collection visit:

I have been a big fan of almost everything under the banner of Tata. Be it Tanishq or Zoya, their commitment to quality and unique craftsmanship has always brought me a step closer to being a loyal customer to them. I even do not worry shelling extra money on the making charges if I get what I call to be uniquely splendid from a brand that’s trustworthy. Now, is the time to add a new feather in my cap. Wink!

Enliven up Your Home—From Chic to Traditional

It is rightly said, “There’s nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.” And, I believe that it’s all the more pleasant, if your home is well-kept and each item that it holds is hand-picked by you. No matter how hectic your day is at work or how tiring your journey was, you feel high in spirit as soon as you are back home. A home need not be full of luxurious belongings, but items that pleases your eyes and give you ample comfort. The place where you find the greatest comfort next to your mother’s lap is your home.

I always put my best efforts to make my home look elegant and sophisticated without overdoing things. I’m an ardent believer of the fact that true beauty lies in simplicity and I love to keep it simple yet beautiful. For the same I’ve given my sweet abode a magnificent look and feel. At least, not a single guest of mine has ever missed to compliment me on that and I feel elated when they do so. My minimalist approach helps me not to hoard things and that makes my life easier as it gives me ample opportunity to re-do my home furnishings.

With this approach, I’ve kept my living room organized without spending too much of time cleaning and dusting as a daily ritual. The best part is, I can change the theme of my living room from time to time; and the time is now.

I kept a chic and classy look for almost three years and now is the time when I give it a new look. For sure, I can do this by bringing in some new stuff, especially some splendid art pieces or home décor items. This time I wanted to go for some ethnic items to add a pinch of traditionalism.

I started to look out for home décor and furnishing items a few weeks back, but nothing could allure me enough as I wanted something unique and resplendent. Everything looked so ordinary and boring, be it online or in stores. I was about to give up on the idea to save myself from spending uselessly on shopping for things halfheartedly till the time I came across this fascinating website called I think it just hit the right chords and knew exactly what I wanted.

Here I am on the verge of giving my imagination a new platform to turn into reality with the help of I’m completely baffled to see the products on this website and I’m sure this would help me renovate my home more frequently. However, for now I’m just stuck onto these three interesting items that would change the chic ambience to an ethnic one:

  1. Illuminating Corners of the Room – This silver night lamp made of silver on the corner table in my living room is sure to add surreal charm in the ambience of my living room. I can imagine the beauty that it’s going to add to the walls and surrounding objects. Though this lamp is way too expensive, but it’s going to be an investment in silver. I have completely fallen for it and loved the finish, which gives it all the more sophisticated look. silver-indian-traditional-silver-night-lamp
  2. Adding Ethnicity – Now, to balance out my budget, I certainly have to look for some reasonable stuff, without losing on the quality and elegance. And, this Keshan Carpet would help me do exactly what I need. The color of this carpet would complement the color of my walls. I’m super excited as my living room is almost done. All I need is an ethnic décor for the wall, adjacent to my LED. Keshan Carpet-Blog-Endless Thoughts
  3. Giving Final Touch – This would fulfill my requirement perfectly. Not at all expensive, this terracotta handmade painting is sure to give an absolutely terrific look to my living room. Terracotta Painting-Blog-Endless thoughts

I simply can’t wait to re-do my living room with these exquisite items. has made it so convenient for me that I can shop often. It’s better to buy exceptionally good items by keeping your shopping limited, rather than going for too many objects at the same time as, “A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.” It’s time for me to fulfill my dreams with ornate items that are unique. How about you?

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Everything’s online; right from shopping to banking. But, when it comes to a hassle-free experience, you can count on fingers the online portals offering that to you. I’ve had a tough time, especially when it comes to online banking. More than half of the time, I ended up calling the customer care for something or the other and who wants to go through the IVR menu over and over again? It had been a troublesome experience till the time I signed up for JIFI from Kotak Mahindra bank.

Elated to know about ‘No minimum balance’

My only worry had been to maintain the minimum balance in all the accounts that I own. But, Kotak Jifi gives me the liberty to stay happy with a zero balance as maintaining some specific amount is not a mandate. Isn’t it an exciting news for students, bachelors or people like me who own multiple bank accounts?

Bank details, just a  tweet away

Kotak Mahindra is the world’s first socially powered bank account. For digitally equipped and tech savvy people, Kotak Jifi has brought in a storm of changes. All your account information like account balance, transaction history, and much more is just a tweet away. It made my life simpler. Really! With twitter software on my smartphone, I can easily have a hand on access to my bank account.

Baffling reward options

Each time you make a transaction or share it socially, you earn points. The best part about the transaction points in Jifi is that they actually mean money back in your account and there are no strings attached. And as far as redeem points are concerned, you can redeem it instantly at your favorite shopping or eatery junction.

Some exclusives

The Kotak mobile app offers a plethora of shopping and dining offers. I do not miss a chance to go for them as nothing could be more interesting than grabbing’em.

A daily accountant

You need not worry about your expenses anymore and have a gala time with your family. You can get an instant update of all the transactions through your account from anywhere in hardly any time. Not just that, but also the details of the expenses incurred.

Sign up benefits

Sign up benefits are the common trend among online shopping portals. Gifts and vouchers are usually what the sites give away to earn  new customers. But, here I got more than one option to choose from and each option was well rewarded. It really confused me in the beginning, but guess I made a smart choice of choosing the ‘Transactional Loyalty’, wherein I was awarded 25 transaction points for every online transaction of value Rs. 500. Knowing my purchasing capacity through online shopping portals, I preferred to choose this and I guess I made the right decision.

Transformed my views about Online Banking

Always a grudging and a grumbling experience with online banking is now transformed to a smoother and tension free banking. I’m completely gaga over Kotak Jifi and would not miss a chance to tell people to go for it I’ve had experiences with multiple banks and for them, I’ve even ended up complaining on various forums, but nothing really works and you end up elevating your blood pressure. So, guys and gals and all you ladies and gentlemen out there, please do not rush into opening an account. See for yourself, how this new-age account has changed the way we bank and how socially equipped we are.

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