Jantar Mantar: A Spellbound Experience


It was one of the dreadful days so far. I was at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi as a Media Person. It was a first time experience to be at a place like Jantar Mantar—a place with a flavor of politics and aroma of societal issues. I say, “Flavor of politics” as I was stunned to see the crowd supporting one of the rallies of a political party. Hundreds of people carrying placards in support of a few politicians, I knew of and others I did not even recognize; at least I did not. The show sha to complement this rally was humongous. Hundreds of banners, endless placards, topis (caps), stage arrangement, party flags, countless brand new cycles for distribution, and what not.

It was a live experience for me to witness our great politicians and future nation builders, wasting lakhs on a single political agenda. Truly, I felt disgraceful to think if this remains the condition, then we are on our way to doom. The hundreds of people hoarded in support of the party and unaware about the leader’s achievements or strategies. Seeing the class of people gathered, you could easily figure out what pennies would have brought them there to scream and hoot about their Neta (Minister).

Jantar Mantar, as the name suggests, is sure to leave you spellbound. You would see a queue of pandals (tents) back to back on either side of the road. In each of these tents, you will find a group of people supporting one or the other social issues. All in all, the causes were almost the same, but they were demarcated just like the LOC. The atmosphere chaotic, each pandal with their loudspeakers at highest volumes and a spokesperson in each of these pandals (let me reiterate, adjacent to each other) on top of his voice, trying to convey their message across public. Are you able to picture it in your mind? Yes, this is a shocking state of this democratic nation.

People divided–in groups, parties, culture, religion, states; are fighting for the same causes. What are these causes?—Corruption, Violence, Terrorism, Rape, etc. It’s an extravagant affair. In order to promote your thoughts and to reach out to public, media or government, seeking support; numerous groups and parties are doing spendthrift promotions of the same ideologies. And, this is definitely not in favor of our nation or its citizens.

Oh! And that’s not all. On my way to Jantar Mantar, there was another appalling sight. In the heart of the most popular Connaught Place was another huge establishment by a different party called “Pole kholo abhiyaan”, with huge banners displayed at every few steps with comic strips showcasing who else, but the latest buzz, Arvind Kejriwal. These banners were a mimic of him with all the negative things ‘in bold’ about him, displayed throughout the circumference.

The first thought that struck my mind seeing those banners was how insecure and useless our politicians have become. Today, instead of talking about their own achievements, these political parties have all the time in the world to organize a grand display, to talk about the shortcomings of one person. This isn’t hilarious, but a shame on our nation.

Only, if we could save on this daily nuisance and think on progression can we transform from a developing country to a developed one. Redirecting money to the right places and in right direction, coming together to bring the revolutionary change instead of fighting individually for the same cause.

Why can’t we have sensible and educated politicians? I’m not in favor of any political party, but today’s sight has left me in agony and urged me to think as to how can I (Shift+Del) this government and get some logical minds into picture. I wish I could bring that change.

book-launch-anupriya mishra

Book Launch: Women Extraordinaire – A Novel by Suchita Malik

book-launch-anupriya mishra

(Left to Right) Author Suchita Malik, Haryana CM Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, the renowned author and a former diplomat, Mr. Pawan K Verma & Mr. Kapish Mehra, Managing Director, Rupa Publishers

New Delhi, February 11, 2014: RUPA Publications, known to be the “House of Bestsellers” launched a book by the author Suchita Malik on February 11, 2014 at Indian International Center, New Delhi. The book called “Women Extraordinaire: A Novel” envelops the story of five determined women, showcasing on how strongly they fought against trivial situations or gave up due to the twist of fate.

Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda released the book and expressed his views on not how just the women described in the novel are extraordinary, but all the women on this earth are respectable and amazing beings. He explained how every woman in our culture is given importance. The event also witnessed the gracious presence of the renowned author and a former diplomat, Mr. Pawan K Verma and Mr. Kapish Mehra, Managing Director, Rupa Publishers.

The uniqueness of this event was the family of the author, who managed the stage as orators. Suchita Malik’s daughter and son were the anchors, speaking on behalf of their mother with great pride and enthusiasm. This is a third novel by Suchita. The first one Indian Memsahib was launched in 2008 and 2011 marked the launch of her second novel, Memsahib’s Chronicles.

haryana chief minister-mr. hooda-anupriya mishra

Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda speaking on the occasion