Book Review: Everything Happens For A Reason—and other lies I’ve loved by Kate Bowler

I chanced upon this book “Everything Happens for a Reason—and other lies I’ve loved” by Kate Bowler and felt like reading it. Of course, I do sufficient background work like referring to some genuine websites for reviews and reading the summary before purchasing a book, making it easier for me to choose.

Book Review | Appy Tales | Anupriya Mishra

This book of around 175 pages is a soulful read–a memoir of the author. Kate Bowler, a divinity professor and young mother, married to her childhood love, lived a perfect life until she was diagnosed with stage IV of colon cancer at 35 years of age. The story revolves around the pain and joy of living an uncertain life—A deep love for friends and family and excruciating pain to be leaving them behind if God isn’t kind enough. The book describes her thought process and outlook towards his friends, family, acquaintance and life in general during various stages of medication and hospitalization. It is about how life goes topsy turvy with just one news.

Kate is someone who sees fortune as a blessing from God and misfortune as a mark of disapproval. The story is about her constant fight with her disease and accepting it the way it appeared. Not getting bogged down with the treatment, prophesy, advice; how she confronts life as is and observes it deeply.

A poignant story pulls the reader deep into her life to showcase the aftermath of diagnosis and yet not troubled by it. The story has jest and subtle humour. Instead of succumbing to her disease, the author tries to look at the brighter side of life. How she deals with the negativities around her and how she smiles despite her deepest worries is what makes this book an easy and light-hearted read.

What I liked about the book is the underlying message to not wait till the end to enjoy and relish time with your loved ones or anything you adore. Keep planning the next move to live your life to the fullest!

The book has some heavy moments where the author realizes that her non-existence might bother her husband and son, but their lives won’t stop. She practically articulates the reality of life and faces it with courage. Based on her experience, The author in the appendix shares a list of what not to say to people experiencing terrible times; worth a read. At times, we say things, least realizing they can have negative repercussions. Sometimes all a person in trouble needs is someone to listen to and not advise or show sympathy. Appendix 2 is the list of how a few things could work like magic for the troubled. Must read and follow. I feel we all do it, sometimes or the other.

If she could be cured or not, I leave it on you to find. The book is simple and heartwarming.

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