After A Break…


It’s been a long break from writing! Where have I been?

In a cocoon introspecting or constantly battling to go higher and higher in a fast-paced world? Yes, I believe the latter kept me busy.  So busy in fact that I started realising day in and day out, how distant I have become with all that I called to be my happiness and passion.

I spent years on sharing my thoughts on this platform and suddenly, I was so busy in the daily tussle that I just forgot about it or ignored it like it never existed.

This morning when I woke up, thoughts were gushing into my mind. What all have I left behind in pacing up with the world and unbelievably the list was long. Long enough to give me a jolt and question myself, “Who’s responsible?” and my inner voice retaliated saying “You”. “All the choices you made in life are yours”, said a voice showing me the mirror. Well, yeah!

You become so busy in your life, so bound to duties and responsibilities towards your own self and serving people, who constantly urge you to be someone else rather than accepting the way you are, you forget the real you. You forget and leave behind things that matter to you. You forget those who love you and long for you and moreover who seek your happiness.

A little introspection does no harm! I did. Sharing my two bit with those who dream of living a happy life and then get busy in making others happy.

  • Do not waste time in keeping others happy as time flies and never comes back. Those who mean, will be happy anyways and those who don’t will never be happy irrespective of you making sacrifices all your life.
  • You can’t change the circumstances for sure, what you can change is your way towards a situation. Yes, you have a job, you have liabilities, you have a life which may or may not be the way you dreamt, but what you are losing in keeping pace with day today needs is the time which is never going to come back. Spend time with your loved ones, do the things that bring a genuine smile to your and their faces. People who love you will love to see you smile and those who don’t, shouldn’t really matter.
  • It’s important to  pursue all your passions. The world wouldn’t stop if you give yourself some time. Take care of yourself because it’s your life and no one else is responsible for it but “you”.

I wrote a poem Fly Without Wings years back, which is beautifully framed in my house till date. What changed since I wrote that poem is the realisation that your happiness lies with you and no one else. Serve yourself and what serves you!

If you are happy to hear from me after long, do like my post. Cheers! 🙂


  1. Truely what matters is the smile and happiness we bring to our loved ones. Time is very very very Important.


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