Rashtrapati Bhawan_Mughal Garden_Anupriya Mishra

On a bright sunny day, when winters are on the verge of bidding adieu and summers at the onset, there cannot be a better sight than Mughal Garden at Rashtrapati Bhawan. And of course, none other than this does one get an opportunity to have such a close view of the President’s House and to walk around it.

Mughal Garden opens every year for public and welcome visitors, far and near to gaze and appreciate the spectacular beauty of a variety of flowers and herbs. This time it’s opened for visitors from February 14 to March 15. This period would undoubtedly see the fleet of audiences admiring the beauty around the Bhawan. The miraculous pomp and show this year could be described as being royal, magnificent and vibrant with Tulips sticking out.

Interesting Herbs and Weeds
The garden is precisely divided into different divisions or sub-gardens. The first segment is right after the entrance, which displays all the interesting herbs and medicinal weeds like Jaborandi, Brahmi, Lemongrass, Ashwagandha, Aloe Vera. Some of these herbs are the most heard of, however, rarely seen. The little placard mounted on each herb displays the beneficiary medicinal usage of each plant. This part of the garden is interesting and imparts knowledge. All that’s required is keen to learn about some unique medicinal plants, most of which are often read on the labels of Ayurvedic medicines, we are aware of.

Musical Fountains and Bonsai

Fountain_Mughal Garden_Anupriya MishraPaisley flower bed_Mughal Garden_Anupriya MishraFountain_Mughal Garden_Anupriya Mishra
This furthers to another part of the garden that holds an air of romanticism because of the musical fountains at the center and huge banyan trees in one corner, giving ample shade to cool your senses. This part of the garden also holds in itself a collection of Bonsai. The very sight of these Bonsai is jaw-dropping and leaves you staring them for several minutes. The arrangement of big, bright Marigold in orange and yellow alternatively followed by colorful Paisely in white, purple, yellow and multiple shades are seen to be arranged geometrically aligned in fine patterns. Towards the end of these fountains come with a small gate that leads to a few steps through golden lilies on both the sides. The iron gates, painted in green, blend perfectly with the spectacular greenery.

A True Marvel
You must now hold onto your breath and control your heart as it may skip a beat for what you see beyond these steps is completely out of this world. There comes the magnanimous view of Rashtrapati Bhawan with an enormous stretch of green land upholding the breathtaking view of colorful patches of flowers in all shades and forms, amazingly done. The surreal beauty of this place makes you feel as in heaven, leaving you awestruck.

Tulips catch the eye

Tulips_Mughal Garden_Anupriya MishraIMG_20150214_134225IMG_20150214_134314IMG_20150214_135623IMG_20150214_135749
Some flowers like Tulip, quite uncommon in India, is seen fluttering through length and breadth. These seem to be the center of attention this time and are present in all pastel colors like pink, yellow, red and in double shades mostly in contrast with the white. The picturesque view of these Tulips looks more like a painting and if you get to click a flick, you would find it to be as perfect as a postcard. Undoubtedly, Tulips grab the eyeballs, nevertheless, flowers like Marigold, Rose, Lily, Paisley are seen in sizes bigger than what we normally see and in big bunches making them look all the more exorbitant.

Amidst all this greenery and vibrance, Rashtrapati Bhawan stands tall and loud. The domed architecture looks stunning surrounded by the velvety green of grass, the cool blue of ponds, pools and fountains, and the radiance of exotic flowers. The spectacular view of this segment of the garden acts as a soothing balm to your eyes and is worth the wait and all the efforts that you put in reaching up to this place. It further leads you to a circular arena with a fountain in the center and deep-colored high Dahalia plants at the circumference on one side of the pavement and some exotic white, flowers on the other.

The next exit to this phase takes you straight to a pathway with rose beds of roses in different colors on each side. Towards the periphery, you would find trees overloaded with tiny oranges again on both the sides of the garden. This particular area takes you back in time of a Bollywood era with duo singing and dancing in the middle of flowers; looks extremely admirable. Taking you towards the exit and slightly a few steps down the lane, you will find Adhyatmik Udyan orSpiritual Garden on your right. This is an abode of plants and trees that have a mention in various religious texts. Plants like Sita Ashoka, Sandalwood, Shami, Tulsi, Rudraksha and more.

Stalls to Shop from
Towards the end, there are stalls with manure, plants, seeds for display and sale. The manure they sell is of kitchen waste and garden waste, which costs you Rs. 20. And, the vegetable or medicinal plants like Aloe Vera also at a very reasonable price. So, if you are fond of gardening, this is a place to be.

Security and Other Amenities

Security_Mughal Garden_Anupriya Mishra
The security is seen to be full fledged and the personnel on their toes right from the entry up till exit. The only possible drawback could be the parking space as there’s no fixed parking and you need to be vigilant and park as soon as you find someone vacating. You are not allowed to carry anything other than your wallet and mobile phone. The camera is completely prohibited, however, surprisingly you are allowed to click photographs through your mobile handset. There’s an arrangement of clean drinking water jars at regular intervals, so you can easily manage on a bright day for the entire long walk without a water bottle. You can find stalls and eatery towards the exit and hence you can satiate your taste buds or fulfill the craving of your stomach. The entry to this place is absolutely free. All it costs is your energy, which is worth spending to have a glimpse of this glorious place.

Image Courtesy: Ashish Verma

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