Lost & Found


Lost in the reverberatory of dreams,

I often find myself burning into coal.

Ending up to reason myself;

Amidst the struggle between the real and allure.


Thousands of questions daunt me,

Why do I’ve to think? I know not why.

They cluster in my head, leaving no vent;

When I can do nothing, except a sigh.


Plenty of prayers go without an answer,

Then why the mind tussles with those.

Things that cannot be changed;

That’s where the destiny comes into force.


I’m not someone who would give up on destiny,

Is that why it shows me the highs and lows?

I would still not give up, but this mind,

Dates back in time and droops me with blows.




 Image Courtesy: Google


  1. Beautiful, my dear Shelly! Destiny plays a very prominent part in our life, but more important are your Thoughts and Actions,or Karmas, which ultimately shape the destiny.


    1. Thank you for referring me as Shelly. 🙂 I completely agree with you. Also, the fact that some of the situations do not lie under the purview of our thoughts, actions or karma. They are perhaps the reflection of our previous lives, which is not under our control.


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