It Really Doesn’t Matter


When the skies are gray and times are hard, it really doesn’t matter;
When the days are rough and the nights are dark, it really doesn’t matter.

It really doesn’t matter, when friends turn foes and peers indifferent,
Or the pockets that were once full are now empty; incompetent.

It doesn’t really matter when nights are longer than days,
And, familiar faces pass by without a noticeable gaze.

It matters little not to find like-minded people when you are confident,
And, hardly does it matter to hold on to the ones who know not how to bend.

These things don’t matter as they come and go,
The more you value yourself, the more they value you.

What matters are the simple joys that make you smile,
A warm touch that can comfort you and make living worthwhile.

It matters a lot to have the blessings that take you high;
It really matters to lay on the lap that never gets tired.

To live life with head held high is what matters a lot,
And, a hard earned penny makes all your efforts sublime.

It really does matter holding onto people who really love and care,
Without whom all your endeavors are in vain and despair.

Keep safe the memories of childhood days,
It means a lot as you don’t get them back anyways.

Above all what matters is a positive outlook towards life,
Be a lone crusader, a fighter who knows how to survive.

Because, in the end, it’s not anyone or anything else that matters–Really!
What matters is YOU–a reason for someone’s glaring smile.


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