Who Knew it Then…

Life_Anupriya Mishra

I remember that morning; when she woke up elated as it was a special day. No, it wasn’t her birthday nor it was anyone’s anniversary or a valentine’s day. Usually people are overjoyed on such occasions. But, she was happy for a different reason. It was Rakhi, and she had to call up her brother to wish him. Yeah! Just a call on the occasion was a reason for that more than usual broad smile.

The two of course shared a special bond but, by destiny’s choice they had a very little time to remember as they had hardly stayed together in some three decades. Nevertheless, those were the golden times and she cannot forget those fights on trivial issues, those awe-inspiring messages and teachings her elder brother shared with her, the sharing of secrets, those pranks in the neighborhood, the teases, playing cricket on the rooftop and on and on and on.

“He was far away but thanks to the technology that we were connected. If not daily, my bro used to call me once a week. We never talked much, but there was concern and warmth in our tones whenever we had a conversation. This Rakshabandhan, I was extremely happy than ever because just a month back my bro was with me and we had an extraordinary trip to Shimla and played with colors on the occasion of Holi. So, those fun memories were still fresh in my mind.

“Wednesday, August 21, 2013 was the day when I called up my brother to wish him. He was already in his office (Let me tell you he was a man who believed in punctuality and sincerity; not many can follow.) Being parted by distance, we could only find happiness in wishing each other. Unfortunately, this was the first time when he did not receive my Rakhi (thanks to the Indian post). Call it whatever, but yes no matter how far I’d been, I was always close to him on this special occasion with my letter, card and a sparkling thread. This time I missed it. Being an optimist I thought, there’s always a next time and I’ll compensate for this next year.
But, he never missed a chance to make me glee. After a while, I got a mail from him with a snap of his ever smiling face, and he was posing and flaunting his Rakhi, which he bought on behalf of me, tied onto his hand and a pack of Toblerone chocolate placed next to him. Such was my brother, far yet near!!!
The telephonic conversations kept on going till a much awaited time of the great grand Indian festival Diwali bumped in and next was Bhaidooj. Both of us planned a visit from two different cities to our most loved place-our hometown.

Sunday, November 03, 2013 was Diwali. We spent a good time, had a good heartfelt laugh, and recapitulated some bygone memories of our childhood. He never missed an opportunity to pull my leg and the more I reacted, the more religiously he did that. Such was my brother. He teased me then, and he teased me now!!!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013 Early morning I was ready to celebrate Bhaidooj after two long years with my brother. All dressed up for the occasion, I did the rituals and received some gifts. Wow, I wished at the very moment that such occasions should occur frequently and I thought at least next year I’m not going to miss this golden chance to demand something of my choice from my dear bro. Such was my brother, pampered me always!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013 early morning with heavy heart we left for the two different cities leaving the nostalgia behind, practically explaining ourselves that work is worship; anything for work. With my parents bidding adieu to us with an equally or may be heavier heart than us, we left for two different metropolises. I called up my bro to remind him to call me up once he reaches the destination as he was to reach before me. He agreed and also shared his plans for the coming weekend. We wished each other a safe journey. And, the same evening my only bro departed not from anywhere else, but this world leaving behind so many dreams, so many heavy hearts and so many people who loved him, who longed for him to come once or twice in a year and meet them. How it happened is again a tryst with destiny. Such was my brother, he sincerely bid us adieu forever!!!”

The reason to share this is neither to make anyone cry or hurt sentiments, nor win over with emotional literature. It is to somewhat make one of the heavy hearts feel lighter, and to let one know that memories do not come easy; make as much as you can in as little time as you have in hand.

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  1. Truly heart-touching post.. I so agree with you, if we all started finding joy in all the small moments – this world will be a better place to live in!
    Also, really sorry for your loss,, may his soul rests in peace..


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