Adventure - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

On an Adventure Trail

You dream to be an adventure sport, but know not how? Here are some tips to help you plan a safe adventure trip and have the best vacation ever.  

Adventure - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Adventure - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Going on a vacation is fun, more so ever if you plan for an adventurous excursion. Adventure is not everyone’s cup of tea. It acts like a drug, the more you have it, the more addicted you will be. To do something adventurous does not require extraordinary skills like jumping off the plane or wrestling with the wild animals. You need not even be a superman to go on an adventure trip. Age and gender is no bar if you own a heart of an adventure freak.

All you need to remember are some important facts:

  • Know your limits especially when it comes to your fitness level.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard to do something extraordinary.
  • Be prepared and flexible enough to mould yourself according to the climate.
  • Ensure your safety. Read manuals carefully or listen to instructions.
  • It is very important to gather information about the place and professionals that must be trained enough to safeguard you.
  • Carry less.
  • Recharge the batteries of all the cameras, phones, tablets.
  • Don’t panic.
  • Take along some basic medications and healing ointments.

Now, all that I can see is a long weekend, coming up soon. I am all set and thrilled for an adventure trip. What about you?

Adventure - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

Adventure - Travel - Anupriya Mishra

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