Feelings - Poems - Anupriya Mishra

Feelings Unbound

Feelings - Poems - Anupriya Mishra

It’s amazing, how you fool the deep silence midst all the possible noises,

When the world’s rushing with their usual speed and you wish to slow down.

The feeling to be left alone hovers over your wearied mind,

A craving to enjoy the serenity that seems to drive you to madness—survives.

The chaos leaves you unperturbed, just like the water in a pond—still, soothing,

The destination is known; still the situation urges you to hold.

It’s tricky to grasp the stubborn feelings that have lost their way,

It’s trickier to smartly ditch them stating that they are wrong.

Yet, it’s wonderfully bizarre how the feelings are obstinate,

And, they want to flow constantly and, go on and on.

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