Painting: The Making

I finished my first painting this weekend after ages. The inner spark of a painter was somewhere diminishing in the hectic life. The kick-start in the entire process, from deciding to make a painting till the time of framing and putting it up right there on a prominently protruding wall, was none other than my husband, my better half and the best thing that seems to have happened to me so far. I know now how beautiful life becomes when you have a caring person, a guide, a loving partner with you walking right beside you. How extraordinary it feels to have blessed with someone in life who plays different roles at different times with such an ease and makes you feel like a queen on earth. Yes, that’s what he does to me. This first painting of mine is made memorable not because I added some wings to it but because certain small things were taken care of in the making.

There’s something in my blood that’s been flowing since the time of my predecessors that makes me really impatient to drive an idea spontaneously as soon as it hits my grey cells. Now, the idea to paint was continuously striking and re-bounding the walls of my brain. I had to implement it anyhow. It was wonderful to see how he managed to inspire me to start working on it so that it should relieve me of the disturbing thought that I needed to paint badly. A painting seems to be incomplete until framed properly. Yes, he did not wait for another day and got it framed the very day I finished it. Now, my painting’s put up right there on the wall of our living room in a nice black matt finished frame.

The painting looks stunning but there’s lot more to it—love, emotions, purity, excitement, togetherness. This painting with three women, draped in colourful attire, waiting eagerly for someone to come, is even more memorable and heart touching because of my name and the date of completion written by him at the back along with a smiley.

To ensure it doesn’t end here and is just the beginning, he gifted me another huge glass and loads of colours to paint. I keep saying, “May God give all the wives, a husband like you but you, only to me,” and I mean each word of it.

Many more paintings to come!


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