Compatibility–A State of Mind


I have strongly believed that if you have an undeterred faith in something and want to hold on to it from the bottom of your heart, even God cannot challenge your faith and would ever leave you in awe. You only let go of things when you know that you have either tried your level best to adapt yourself accordingly because you were immensely attached to it and all the efforts have gone in vain or you simply realize that you do not need it anymore. But, the point here is that had you really tried your best level? If you had feelings attached to it then wasn’t it worth trying endlessly? If yes, then better not complain of losing it.

If something’s close to your heart, you would always want it to be close to you; fit and adjust accordingly. Eliminating it completely from your life or negligence can never be an option to make it suitable enough. This only shows that you never loved it, else you would have never lost it. And, if you lost it now after all your efforts in your wanting it to go, do not complain or seek answers later as to why you lost it. No one else but, you are the one who has all the answers.

If something is loved and made an essential part of life, it should be equally given a fair position with all the love, care and warmth required for it to adjust to the new surroundings. Especially, during the initial tender years when you possess something, it requires all the attention just like a newly born baby. Aiming for something that grabbed the attention of your eyeballs at the very first sight and realizing later that it was not worth all your efforts, is insanity. Only a pragmatic unstable mind can do that. However, liking, appreciating or loving something means to hold on, despite all odds. A sensible person would mean it, when he says it.

Having said that, I also believe that all the doubts and fears are logical when you own something that you love and feel that it’s a crucial part of your life and that you are afraid to lose it. What’s the point in questioning or doubting or seeking answers when you have already laid all the efforts to toss it out of your life and let it go. Ask why and seek answers to your questions when you know you have the opportunity and not when you left it to itself for the reason that you were not happy as it wasn’t according to you.

Compatibility is just a state of mind. Things are not perfect and hence they are not compatible and they never could be. One needs to nurture it with the food of love to reach the state of imperfection to compatibility and eventually a perfect one. Make yourself compatible with things or people, if you say you love them and want them and the perfection would follow. Letting go of a problem is not a permanent solution to your ongoing problems. It’s just an escapist attitude. Love what you own and believe in the choices you make. No one’s perfect and everything, every object needs some space and time to get adjusted to a completely different set-up. We are all humans after all. So, let’s be humane.



  1. Nice post but short term is compatibility and long term is agreement and acceptance of each other imperfections, isnt it? I agree with the thought that if we want something we have it all in us to try to get it and if we let it go, we havent tried enough.


    1. Thanks Shweta for sharing your insights. Compatibility can also be for the lifetime making life simpler and beautiful, while agreement sounds more like a compromise. However, the point here is that something that looks compatible today, soon becomes “not so compatible” in today’s world.


  2. Totally agree…but being human we all are unique…so there’s no scope for cent percent compatibility….it’s the percentage which makes a difference though…but when we love truly we are ready to give things deeper introspection and hold to it…good article


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