This New Year…

Writing is an art and for me it has been a forever passion. This might not come up so well through my blogs, which I’m not so regular with. Probably it’s the lack of time or let’s not even consider this lame excuse. Nevertheless, my inner self has always influenced me to write when I’m in an extreme state of some sort of an emotion. I’m sure one can easily judge my mood through my blogs and this time I would not leave it for any guess work as of course I’m elated for now. Who knows what next?


I’m elated apparently as I neither have a reason to worry nor have something to ponder. I do not have anyone or anything to envy as whatever I see is praiseworthy and whoever I meet is absolutely unique in some way or the other. Is this called a state of contentment? For sure I’m not an atheist, I never was. Whatever it is, I feel as light as a feather that freely floats in the air. Time flies like an arrow and we never realize how far the journey has been covered. I remember a quote from the book EatPrayLove, “At some point, you’ve got to let go & sit still & allow contentment to come to you.” I feel the contentment has eventually come to me.


It’s a new beginning—an indication of a new phase of life that I’m about to enter with arms unfolded to embrace it completely. May this phase that I’m about to enter this New Year, be filled with sweet memories, less of a struggle; I would not say without struggle as they teach me a lot, exceptionally loving company of my forever loved ones and some precious people who have immensely touched my life in a very little time. I wish this contentment always remain. Let me be a little selfish this New Year. Amen J


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