Embracing Winters

Here comes winter with cool breeze and morning dew;

Sunshine trying hard to cut the dense fog and seep through,

Cluttering teeth, shiver down the spine

Lazy bones; unwilling to untwine.


Hazy noon follow the foggy wee hours

Mind struggles to keep away from laggard.

Possible stimuli are hot beverages and broth

At times they work well, to give a kick-start.


Reinvigorated? A thing of the past,

When the breezy evening arrive in the later half.

The beauty of the sunset lies beneath,

On a cloudy day wearing fog’s uniform.


Then arrives the pitch black night,

Frozen wind showcase glittering far off lights.

The only noise is the one that the trees make,

Rest of the world lie wrapped up; asleep or awake.


However much be the dip in temperature,

Winter is the most beautiful time of year.

Giving way to a much-awaited holiday season

Yes, here it comes to fetch admiration for several reasons.


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