Mother’s Day

Some things are too redundant, yet make life beautiful and complete. I crave for such things and long for their presence. Dodging between random thoughts, I convinced myself after a long break to fiddle with words.

My mom says I have a great talent of writing and creativity. Aah! That would describe a ‘Mom’. Finding something in almost everything their children do and motivating them to reach pinnacles of success.

I started writing when I was 5-years of age and today I continue writing but no more beyond my bread and butter. Writing has ever been my passion and I am one of those lucky few who get a chance to follow their passion persistently. Today, when I look back in time, I might have had major setbacks, challenges and obstructions in life but one thing that never changed despite all odds, is my determination to write.

Little things that we do can make a whole lot of difference. In support to this; the small stanza I created some twenty years back and the encouragement I constantly received for that innocent idea, made all the difference. When I was nothing (actually nothing), I was a budding writer, a poet for my mom. The random lines I drew whenever I held a pen or a pencil in my little fist, which did not know what they held; she was the one to make sense out of those vague lines. That’s how she started giving direction to my life, paved my future silently with countless number of efforts. All this and more was done to make me believe in what I never used to or rather be confident about–Myself.

I recollect those memories today but during that time I used to take her words lightly. What I lacked was confidence in myself and not in what she said. Back then, her words seemed to be redundant, but today when I am busy making a living and all I need is warmth from someone to make me realize I can, I miss those words. Yes, some redundant words did make my life worthwhile. On this Mother’s Day, I convey my regards to all mothers and want them to know that they are a wonderful being and nonetheless God, our savior on earth by playing different roles at different times. Without you knowing it, they are always there for you, near or far.



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